A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1990

In their view, the leader of Asura is absolutely invincible. With them, how many powerhouses they have won and how many resources they have seized, they have never seen Asura fail.
But now, just a little Lin Ziming stopped Ashura, which was very different from failure for them.
Asura is currently fighting Lin Ziming in full swing, and he is also very annoyed.
Because he found that Lin Ziming’s realm was not as high as his, logically speaking, even if three Lin Ziming went together, they couldn’t be his opponent! !
But by the way, Lin Ziming’s physical strength is too abundant, and it will never be exhausted all the time.
The most important thing is that Lin Ziming’s spirit is very strong. As the coercion of the psychic realm, he has no effect on Lin Ziming.
You should know that the biggest difference between the God-passing realm and the half-step God-passing realm is mental suppression, which can also be called mental attack.
But now, his mental attack was completely useless against Lin Ziming, and he couldn’t figure out why this happened.
This is because he didn’t know Lin Ziming enough. If he knew that Lin Ziming had condensed part of the national fortune and the general trend in the Kung Fu Cup, he would naturally understand this.
In fact, Lin Ziming was indeed not Ashura’s opponent in terms of hard power. However, he is too young. He is only thirty years old this year. Moreover, his character is extremely tough, and he is a militant in his bones, so when he faced the threats Ashura gave him, not only did he feel scared, but he became more and more excited.
It has been a long, long time since he has fought so heartily!
This made him feel very passionate and very happy.
Now he and Asura are constantly fighting, like a madman who is not afraid of death, like a honey badger in the animal kingdom, flathead brother, either you die or I live!
“Hahahaha, have a great time! Asura, fighting with you is very satisfying to me, come again!!!” Lin Ziming let out a long howl, after being forced back by Asura’s punch, he didn’t have any pause, even if He is very embarrassed now, his clothes are torn apart with anger, one by one, but he is still very excited. , Immediately rushed to Ashura.
Asura saw him like this, his eyelids throbbed a few times, and he whispered a lunatic.
“I can’t tell, you still have a bit of strength, but that’s the end, die for Lao Tzu!!”
Asura’s face became even more savage, he began to exert his full strength, and Lin Ziming fought fiercely again.
“Good come!!” Lin Ziming faced the offensive, did not retreat but advanced, stepped up with a stride, his fists like a cannon, constantly venting.
Asura was full of violence, and his mood was getting more and more irritable. As a master of the dignified spirit realm, he was unable to win Lin Ziming for a long time. This was a shame for him.
And he found that this damn Lin Ziming was too difficult to deal with, just like Xiaoqiang who couldn’t be beaten to death, obviously in terms of hard power, he was going to overwhelm Lin Ziming. But Lin Ziming’s moves are too subtle. Every move seems to be designed with the most advanced computer, making him restrained everywhere. This feeling is extremely unacceptable.
‘How could this happen, this damn Lin Ziming, so annoying, so annoying! ! ‘
Asura was very depressed. He had already used all his strength, and he still couldn’t get Lin Ziming. On the contrary, it was this damn Lin Ziming, who became more brave as he fought…

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