A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1993

This is wicked!
He is a magnificent master of the God Realm, and he is still the pinnacle of the God Realm.
If he hadn’t met him personally, he couldn’t believe it.
But now that the facts are in front of him, he has to believe it.
In an instant, he began to feel anxious, and sweat came out of his forehead.
If this goes on, if he really loses to Lin Ziming, then he will have his first fame!
You have to think of a way to prevent this from happening.
His mind is moving quickly, and now he can be sure that he can at best tie Lin Ziming, and his physical strength has already begun to decline. On the other hand, Lin Ziming still has plenty of physical strength. Keep going, he really might capsize in the gutter!
As a powerhouse in the realm of the gods, Ashura would never allow this to happen.
Soon, he thought of a way, and immediately yelled loudly, “Give it to me, take down the Nuwazong group of ladies! I will play with this little beast first. I want this little beast, kiss me. Seeing these ladies of Nuwazong were bullied and humiliated!!”
I have to say that he reacted quickly and found the crux of the problem at once.
This time he dispatched all the elites of the Sun Moon God Sect, enough to destroy the Nuwa Sect three times, why should he stand up against Lin Ziming here?
Wouldn’t he just let these subordinates go to the trouble of Nuwazong?
Moreover, as long as these ladies of Nuwazong are unlucky, they don’t believe that Lin Ziming will not be affected…
Sure enough, after Lin Ziming heard these words, his face changed a little.
He deliberately provoke Asura just now, just to provoke Asura, let Asura and him single, not to trouble those disciples of Nuwazong.
Only in this way can he use his own strength to perfectly protect these disciples of Nuwazong.
But Ashura is not stupid, knowing that he can’t hold him, and there is even a risk of overturning, so he immediately reacted.
If these disciples of the Sun Moon God Sect were to capture these disciples of Nuwazong, then it would be meaningless for him to continue fighting with Asura.
Even if he can beat Asura hard now, and even gain the upper hand, but it is still very difficult for him to completely defeat Asura, at least in a short time, it is impossible to complete!
As a result, he was a little anxious.
When Tian Xuanzi, Shangguan Rufeng and others heard this, their expressions changed drastically!
They couldn’t resist the impact of these Sun Moon God Sects!
The other members of the Sun Moon God Sect directly attacked Nuwa Sect without any ink marks upon hearing Asura’s order.
Their overall strength is one level stronger than Nuwazong, and they rushed forward like a hungry wolf, with a hideous and cruel smile on their faces.
Immediately, many female disciples of Nuwa Sect were very scared.

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