A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1994

However, Tian Xuanzi knew that there was no way, and immediately shouted, “All obey orders! Stand up and fight against this group of beasts together!!”
After finishing talking, she took the lead, gritted her teeth, took out a soft sword from her waist, and fought these Sun Moon God cultists in the first place.
She was injured, and she was only able to display half of her strength, and she couldn’t hold on for long. Over time, she would definitely lose and be captured.
Shangguan Rufeng didn’t hesitate in any way. After seeing Tian Xuanzi rushing up, he gave a long roar, and he also began to respond to the enemy.
All the disciples of Nuwazong also regarded death as home. They took out their weapons and wanted to fight the Sun Moon God Sect to the death.
It’s a pity that their courage can be seen, but their strength is still too far away, and they only meet each other. It doesn’t take long for someone to be injured.
“Hahahaha, Lin Ziming, what about you no matter how powerful? Can you protect these ladies! When these ladies of Lao Tzu capture these ladies, Lao Tzu will concoct you no matter how good you are!!” Ashura laughed triumphantly. With.
Lin Ziming’s face was very gloomy, and he was very disdainful of Ashura. He didn’t even think that Ashura would be so shameless as a master of the gods.
His brain is also running fast
“Ashura, you are looking for death!! I count to three. If you don’t accept the order, I will immediately take action to kill your subordinates!!” Lin Ziming said coldly, his tone was full of sorrow The murderous and icy cold is no joke.
Even Ashura was shocked by his current coldness.
However, Ashura wasn’t scared, he was the dignified leader of the Sun Moon God Sect, and he was still a powerhouse in the realm of God, so how could he be scared by Lin Ziming?
So he immediately said disdainfully, “When the matter is up to now, are you still threatening me? Okay, I want to see, how do you kill my subordinates…”
However, before he had finished speaking, Lin Ziming had already acted.
I saw Lin Ziming fled the battle directly, and then broke into the battle circle of the Sun Moon God Sect and Nuwazong like a tiger into a wolf pack!
However, he did not attack the Nuwazong, but only attacked the Sun Moon God Sect. His speed was extremely fast, and there was no expression on his face, just like a life-destructive god of death, whoever he was there. Wherever there is, the life of the Sun Moon God Sect has fallen.
Whether it is a master of the innate realm or the great perfection of the innate realm, he can’t hold it for two seconds.
He directly slaughtered the followers of the Sun Moon God Sect. With his strength, it would not be too easy to slaughter him.
For the entire Sun Moon God Cult, only Ashura could threaten him. Other believers, no matter what the realm, are ants in his hands.
In an instant, Asura saw this scene, his eyes were splitting, and he roared out, “Lin Ziming!!!”
“you wanna die!!”
His whole body was blown up. Lin Ziming, this guy, actually shot his subordinates directly. It was too ruthless. This was going to fight him to the end.
Because of Lin Ziming’s admission, the Nuwazong people, who were already overwhelmed, immediately felt the pressure relieved.
In their eyes, Lin Ziming was the God of War, the Dinghai Shenzhen, able to shelter them, and looking at Lin Ziming’s back, they felt extremely relieved and safe.
Asura has also joined the battlefield. He wants to stop Lin Ziming, but he is helpless. Lin Ziming’s speed is too fast. He can’t drive Lin Ziming at all. He can only watch Lin Ziming the devil and harvest him all at once. ‘S men.
How long has passed this time, there have been more than ten believers who died in Lin Ziming’s hands! ! !

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