A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1995

Seeing his subordinates falling down one by one, Asura uttered a terrifying roar, “Lin Ziming! Stop it for me!!!”
But how does Lin Ziming care about him?
Lin Ziming continued to make shots, his speed was extremely fast, and his attacks were extremely deadly. One life after another fell on his hand.
This can make Asura’s angry eyes split. His killing intent towards Lin Ziming can be said to be extremely strong, but he is also very helpless because he can’t push Lin Ziming at all.
Lin Ziming’s speed was too fast, and Lin Ziming was a thief, constantly changing directions, several times, he almost injured his subordinates.
If this continues, most of his subordinates must die in Lin Ziming’s hands!
Originally, his Sun Moon God Sect was not a very powerful sect. He was slaughtered by Lin Ziming a while ago. If he was killed by Lin Ziming again, then he would really become a bachelor commander. This is not what he can do. Things to accept.
Other members of the Sun Moon God Sect saw Lin Ziming’s killing precepts, they were already terrified, one by one they began to retreat, so that the many disciples of Nuwa Sect suddenly felt a lot of pressure, and they were even able to fight back.
Asura gritted his teeth and said, “Lin Ziming! Don’t stop, I will kill all the ladies of Nuwazong!”
Lin Ziming said lightly, “You kill, anyway, I am not from Nuwazong.”
These words angered Ashura. He tried to attack Nuwazong, but Lin Ziming didn’t even look at it, but he killed even more fiercely.
As a result, Ashura was immediately stunned, where would he dare to continue to make a move, and if he was killed by Lin Ziming like this, then he would really be finished.
So he had to surrender, “Lin Ziming!!! If you are ruthless, I will recognize it!!! You stop Laozi, I will retreat now!!!”
All the Nuwazong people were very excited when they heard these words, my God, that’s great, Asura finally gave in, and they were saved.
Lin Ziming stopped, looking at Asura with one hand on his back, and said with a smile, “Ashura, you are a powerful man in the realm of gods, you surrendered so soon?”
Asura’s teeth are about to snap off, he has never hated a person so much!
But he also had to admit that now he had no choice but to give in to Lin Ziming.
He took a deep breath and said, “Lin Ziming, you are cruel enough, I don’t believe you can cover Nuwazong forever!!”
Asura was still a very fierce person in his bones. His whole person became very hideous and looked particularly scary. It shocked the Nuwa sect people who had already relaxed. If this is like Ashura. The existence of horror is eyeing, it is a very scary thing.
But Lin Ziming was not afraid at all. Instead, he smiled more brilliantly, flicked his fingers, and said, “Kill, anyway, I’m going to break through to the god-passing realm soon. When I see it, I will kill you. There are many people of Sun Moon God Sect, but your Asura kills Nuwazong.”
Asura really was going to be mad, he stared at Lin Ziming, if his eyes could kill, then Lin Ziming had already been killed by him a hundred times.
But he also had to admit that Lin Ziming did not lie, and now Lin Ziming has only half-stepped through the God Realm, he has such a combat power. Once Lin Ziming breaks through the God Realm, then he is definitely not Lin Ziming’s opponent. It was said that the Sun Moon God taught, even if he was Asura, he might not be able to escape Lin Ziming’s chase.

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