A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1996

Thinking of this, he hated and regretted. He had known that Lin Ziming was so difficult for a long time, so he didn’t provoke Lin Ziming at first! It’s so good now, it’s hard to ride a tiger.
He snorted heavily, no longer slapped Lin Ziming, took a group of followers directly, turned and left, and disappeared from everyone’s sight in a short while! !
Lin Ziming felt that their breath had completely disappeared. He had really left. The tight nerves couldn’t help but relax, and he breathed a sigh of relief.
There was involuntary fatigue on his face, his eyelids were fighting, and the whole person wanted to sleep.
Regardless of how easy he was just now, in fact, he is already at the end of the battle. After all, Ashura is a master of the spirit realm, and he is only a half-step God realm. On the basis of hardware, he is much worse than Ashura. of.
The reason why he was able to fight Asura like this is mainly because of his exquisite martial arts, his abundant physical strength, and the general trend of his condensed China. Otherwise, the two of them combined may not be Asura’s opponent!
The battle with Asura just now consumed too much of his physical strength and energy, not to mention that he later hunted down so many Sun-Moon Cultists, but in fact, his physical strength was almost overdrawn.
If Asura persists for a while, he will lose.
Just now he was betting that Ashura had the courage to endure the death of a batch of subordinates. Fortunately, he was right. He had to say that he was so courageous that he changed other people and he dared not take such a risk. .
After a full pause of more than half a minute, after confirming that Ashura and others had really left, all the disciples of Nuwazong were relieved and relieved. The excitement of the rest of their lives made them feel relieved. Can’t help crying! ! !
Including Tian Xuanzi, she is also extremely excited now.
Asura, the demon is gone, Nuwa Sect has survived, and Nuwa Sect has not paid any price. This result was something she had never thought of before.
For a while, she couldn’t help it anymore and wept with joy.
“Wow!! Great! The beasts of the Sun Moon God Sect finally left, hahaha…”
“We are saved! We are saved!!!”
“Long live Nuwazong! Long live suzerain!! Long live instructor Lin!!!”
At this moment, everyone finally realized that it was Lin Ziming who rescued them. This kind of gratitude filled their bodies deeply, and they looked closely at the man standing in front of him, standing like a javelin. , The slender body is like an Optimus Prime, standing on top of the sky.
For a time, while making them extremely grateful to Lin Ziming, they were also full of love and admiration.
For such a stalwart man, they have no way to be indifferent.
Shangguan Rufeng reacted and looked at Lin Ziming closely, his eyes full of complex colors.
No matter how arrogant he is, he still has to admit that he is not as good as Lin Ziming, far inferior.
With half a step of the strength of the God Realm, it is not an ordinary genius that can do it, but a super arrogant like Xiaoyao King.
He is like the wind, not as good as Lin Ziming.

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