A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2005

Next, Lin Ziming stayed. He planned to teach some of these compatriots some simple fighting skills. He is going to leave here after all. It is not enough to rescue them at one time. They must be given their skills, unity and bravery. the spirit of.
However, while he was still teaching, suddenly two young men rushed in from the outside, out of breath, and their faces were full of panic.
After breaking in, he shouted loudly, “No, it’s not good…something happened, something happened, something happened…”
The sudden appearance of the two of them immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They looked over. An older man stood up and said, “Longevity, Agen, what are you doing in a panic? There is instructor Lin here. Here, what are you afraid of.”
Hearing the three words of Instructor Lin, everyone’s faces showed a subconscious smile, which was an absolute gratitude and admiration.
But the two young men were even more alarmed. One of the young men said: “Outside, there are many policemen outside. They, they are here to arrest Instructor Lin!!!”
Another young man also said, “Yeah, yeah! There are so many police officers here, they all have guns, they are here to be serious, they are coming to arrest Instructor Lin and go back to trial! Something serious happened, Instructor Lin should run! !”
When everyone heard this sentence, they suddenly lost their color and became extremely frightened.
For them, the police in the beautiful country are much more scared than those gangsters, because they don’t dare to provoke them.
Because the beauty of the country can hold guns, the police of the beauty of the country have particularly high law enforcement powers, once they show resistance, then the police of the beauty of the country will shoot!
And the worst thing is that as immigrants, they don’t have guns, and they don’t have the capital to fight the police at all.
In their opinion, although Instructor Lin is powerful and able to fight several of them, but instructor Lin is just a human being, not a superman, how could he be able to fight these police with live ammunition?
The old man also panicked, and quickly said to Lin Ziming, “Instructor Lin, the police are coming to arrest you, so hurry up! Don’t be caught by the police, otherwise your life will be over!!!”
Others also persuaded one after another, “Yes, instructor Lin, hurry up and run!”
“It’s too late…”
There are many Chinese compatriots here, all kind people, and it is precisely because of their kindness that they are bullied or even humiliated by the locals in a foreign country.
If it hadn’t been for Lin Ziming’s appearance, rescued them, and imparted their powerful ability and spirit, then they would have been in this darkness for the rest of their lives, so they didn’t want to see Lin Ziming’s accident!
Then they would be too guilty.
However, Lin Ziming didn’t have any panic, even with a meaningful smile on his face, he said to the two boys, “How many policemen have come in total?”
“A lot, a lot, maybe more than two hundred!!!”

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