A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2007

The old man just now said anxiously, “Instructor Lin, you must not be impulsive. These beautiful country police officers have guns on their bodies, and they are particularly unkind to us Chinese people!! If you resist, they I really will shoot you! Instructor Lin, although you can fight very well, you are a mortal after all, and it is impossible to hold a bullet!”
“Yes, instructor Lin, you can’t be impulsive, so you should surrender as soon as possible! We will hire a lawyer and bail you out. No matter how much money we spend, we will bail you out. Don’t do stupid things!”
To be honest, when Lin Ziming heard what they said, he was touched, helpless, and more sorrowful.
He shook his head and said, “You are too courageous. You can’t go on like this. Since you have chosen to live in the land of the beautiful country, you can’t be so cowardly! Because you are bleeding from the blood of the country of China. Every move represents the image of China. The more cowardly and forbearing you are, the more presumptuous and oppressive they will be. When the time comes, the whole world will be left with the image of China.”
After hearing Lin Ziming’s words, their faces began to show shame, and they lowered their heads, not daring to look at Lin Ziming.
But some people reluctantly said, “Instructor Lin, you don’t know something. We also want to fight and live with dignity, but we are too weak and we are physically weaker than the beautiful people. How can we fight? , And it’s still in a foreign country, so it’s hard for us…”
“Yes, instructor Lin, we don’t have a way…”
Each of them shook their heads to excuse themselves.
But their performance made Lin Ziming even more disappointed. It was a kind of hatred for iron and steel, which led to his elegant and easy-going character, and he couldn’t help but scold him, “Enough! You are doing this. Excusing your own cowardice, this is the most cowardly behavior!! Who said that we Chinese are born weak and small, now I let you see, in your opinion, these powerful and beautiful people are ants in my eyes!”
After a pause, Lin Ziming squinted his eyes again and said meaningfully, “Dignity, that is what I have won for myself. If you are not strong in your heart, and even look down on yourself, then no one can look down on you!! !”
After saying this, Lin Ziming ignored them and walked directly towards the door.
Seeing his movements, everyone was stunned. They looked at Lin Ziming dumbfounded one by one. In their eyes, Lin Ziming’s figure slowly grew taller and magnificent.
At the same time, Lin Ziming’s approach also gave them a different feeling…
But, even so, they still don’t think, as a mortal, Lin Ziming can often confront more than two hundred beautiful people. This is clearly an egg hitting a stone…
At this moment, from the door, there was a sound transmitted through a high-power speaker.
“The Chinese inside, listen to me! You are already surrounded by us. I advise you to immediately put down your weapons and walk out with your hands on your head, otherwise, we will go in and arrest you!!”
This is the voice of the police, full of coldness and severity.
Suddenly, all Chinese people paled with fright.
But Lin Ziming didn’t have any panic on his face. He even showed a smile that was not a smile. Then, he walked out unhurriedly…

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