A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2009

When the police officer heard Lin Ziming’s words, he was furious. He picked up his gun and pointed at Lin Ziming, “You, a lowly Chinese, come to my beautiful country and you should abide by the laws and disciplines! Honestly! Living in the shadows, you still dare to kill my beautiful countrymen. You are impatient to live! Now that I count to three, you will immediately catch it, otherwise, I will shoot immediately and send you to see God!!”
Other policemen also began to load their guns and aimed their guns at Lin Ziming.
If you change other people and encounter this situation, you must have peeed your pants in fright. In fact, in their opinion, Lin Ziming should indeed be trembling with fright, and kneel down and hold his head begging for mercy.
However, Lin Ziming’s reaction was beyond their expectations and made them furious.
I saw that instead of surrendering, Lin Ziming made an indecent and contemptuous move towards them and raised his middle finger to them.
For them, this is undoubtedly a huge act of death.
The corner of the police officer’s mouth twitched and he directly ordered, “Shoot!!”
As his voice fell, immediately, the police shot Lin Ziming at the same time.
In this situation, everyone thought that Lin Ziming must be dead. After all, no matter how fast a person is, how can he be faster than a bullet?
And the many Chinese compatriots inside, after hearing the gunshots, all of them became desperate and painful. In their opinion, Lin Ziming must have been killed.
They couldn’t help thinking of the last century, a Kung Fu movie “Jing Wu Men” played by a Chinese superstar. In the last scene, the protagonist Chen Zhen was beaten to death by many foreign guns.
How can one beat a gun if one can shoot it?
These are things from two different eras, and they can’t be compared at all. In their opinion, Lin Ziming is Chen Zhen, who has a sound of martial arts, but there is no way to change his fate against the sky, and finally he died under a foreign gun.
This is the sorrow of the nation, the sorrow of the times.
However, after they shot, they found that Lin Ziming’s figure had disappeared out of thin air, their bullets missed, and Lin Ziming was not hit.
This situation made them all stunned for a while, and they couldn’t react for a while.
But at the next moment, they only felt a flower in front of their eyes, felt a gust of wind, blowing on their faces, and looking closely, they found that Lin Ziming had already reached the police officer’s face and pinched the police officer with one hand. The neck was lifted up.
This huge change stunned all of them.
Because they have never thought about how a person can be so fast that they can’t even hit a bullet. It was obvious that there was a distance of more than 20 meters just now. How could they be in front of him in a blink of an eye? This is totally unscientific! !
The police officer who was once invincible had a tingling scalp now. He opened his eyes wide and met Lin Ziming’s cold and playful eyes, only feeling the scalp tingling.
An unprecedented fear swept his mind, “You, you…are you a human or a ghost…”
He asked this with difficulty, in fact, it was also the doubt of everyone present.

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