A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2011

How much they hope that someone can come and save them, but the disappointment and the blows have made them desperate and give up, thinking that this is simply a kind of extravagant hope and an impossible thing to happen.
Until now, the appearance of Lin Ziming has brought some light to them.
It turns out that Chinese people are also extremely powerful…
After the police officer heard Lin Ziming’s words, some guilty conscience flashed in his eyes, but he did not admit it, but shook his head and said, “No…something…thing… …Anyone…come to my beautiful country…all treated equally…”
Because he was pinched by Lin Ziming’s neck, it was extremely difficult to speak, and he would suffocate at any time.
Other police officers also said, “Yes, this is a misunderstanding! We treat all citizens of the beautiful country equally, and there is no racial discrimination!”
However, after they had finished speaking, someone immediately jumped out to refute them.
“Fart! You never cared about us! My uncle was robbed last month and reported to the police. None of you accepted it!”
“Yes, my eldest brother was beaten to death by a villain last year, and now there are no criminals arrested…”
“You are discriminating against us who are of Chinese descent! The beautiful country is never heaven, but hell…”
Many Chinese are starting to refute.
These voices made many policemen feel shameless on their faces, especially now that many TV stations are broadcasting live, which makes them even more irritated. They pointed their guns at these Chinese who were talking and threatened: “You are talking What! To discredit the righteous image of my beautiful country, be careful I will arrest you back!!”
Sure enough, after hearing the threats from these policemen, the ethnic Chinese immediately stopped talking and bowed their heads one by one, very frightened.
Lin Ziming saw this scene, and the sneer on his face was even worse. He didn’t bother to talk nonsense with the police. He directly faced the camera of the TV station and started talking, “Listen to all of you beautiful people, I, my name is Lin Ziming, From China. I came to a beautiful country with only one purpose, to kill all the rubbish that oppresses my Chinese compatriots. Next, whoever dares to oppress my Chinese compatriots, who has done the dregs of humiliating my Chinese compatriots, wash your necks one by one. Waiting for me to clean up.”
After saying this, he slammed it with one hand, and the fat police officer who was over three hundred jin was thrown out by him, as if he was throwing a garbage bag and hitting the garbage nearby. Inside the barrel, the fat police officer screamed bitterly.
His technique can be described as shocking everyone present.
Since the establishment of the beautiful country, in their impression, there has never been a Chinese who dares to be so arrogant and lawless on the territory of the beautiful country!
You know, this fat police officer is not a small person, but a high-level police officer who was thrown into the trash can. This scene is a great subversion for all the beautiful people! ! !

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