A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2012

Indeed, for them, where have they seen such a thing, they are all scared.
The scene was silent for a while, and everyone didn’t know what to say.
Because Lin Ziming’s remark just now was something none of them had encountered before.
Even if they have made so many movies, there have been many superheroes and super villains, but in their bones, they all think that their country is the most powerful, and no foreigner dare to be presumptuous in their country!
Especially people in Eastern countries, that is the existence they look down upon. But the appearance of Lin Ziming can be said to have greatly subverted their cognition, making them unable to react for a while.
Moreover, now several TV stations are doing live broadcasts, and immediately spread Lin Ziming’s words to all parts of the world.
In an instant, there were dozens of spreads. Originally, none of these TV stations had too many viewers. In just a few minutes, the ratings kept breaking records!
Suddenly, it almost radiated to the whole country. They all saw Lin Ziming’s remarks just now, and everyone was furious, thinking that Lin Ziming was too arrogant and too arrogant. This was an absolutely inexcusable violation to them. And blasphemy! ! !
So for a while, in all major places on this land, in front of the TV, there was an angry roar.
“This guy is too arrogant! He must be arrested!!!”
“This kind of thug, it’s best to kill him personally! Let him know that our country is the most powerful and greatest country in the world, and it is not something he can desecrate as a yellow-haired kid!!!”
“It’s best not to let me know his information, otherwise I must punish him on behalf of God!”
“Damn it, an inferior guy who dares to be so arrogant, he is impatient! Orientals are rubbish in my eyes, the endorsement of cowards, this guy is looking for death!!!”
“Huh, how can he, how can he dare to speak such arrogant words, he wants to be the patron saint of all Chinese descent? Okay, then I will bully one of his compatriots every day from now on, I want to see He, he has the ability to trouble me!!”
“But he will be executed soon, hahahaha…”
Many arrogant guys uttered anger and ridicule, and looked down upon the Orientals from the bottom of their hearts. They all agreed that this view was deeply ingrained.
At the same time, in Adam’s tall and luxurious manor, Hannibal hurriedly walked in, his eyes were breathing fire, he gritted his teeth and rushed in, saying: “Teacher! Too much deception! This Lin Ziming! , Deceive people too much!!!”
Adam was playing with some beauties. After hearing Hannibal’s words, he frowned and said displeased, “What happened to make you so angry? I didn’t tell you, you must keep it well. Your own mentality, even if the sky falls, you must remain calm. Look at you and forget what I said?!”

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