A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2013

Facing Adam’s scolding, Hannibal felt a little guilty, but immediately he thought of Lin Ziming in the video, so arrogant, he couldn’t help getting angry again, and took the tablet in his hand to Adam and said, “Teacher, You should watch this video first!!!”
Adam was aroused by Hannibal. He quickly looked over and saw the video played on the tablet, causing his pupils to shrink sharply, and his face was gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye. , And get angry!
“Unreasonable!!!” He let out a roar, the chair under his feet was directly shattered by him, and a powerful breath erupted from his body, which scared the blond beauties beside him. Rong paled, shivering.
He stood up abruptly, staring at Lin Ziming in the video, he was able to burst out fire!
“Lin! Zi! Ming!!!” He almost said these two words from between his teeth.
He has never been so angry before. Since he stepped into the realm of Communism, he has been able to control his emotions very well, but now, he can’t control his emotions at all!
Because Lin Ziming’s remarks just now provoked him greatly and stimulated him!
Moreover, he could also see that Lin Ziming was rushing to him, this was provoking him, and even humiliating him.
He is a powerful man with a dignified divine realm. Even if he is the president of a beautiful country, he must be polite in front of him. He is a godlike character, and Lin Ziming is just a master of the congenital realm, in his eyes Here, that is an ant-like existence, and now he dares to reach his territory, and provoke him in this way, no matter how good his temper is, he has to go wild. Not to mention, he himself had a bad temper and was extremely irritable. At this moment, he had a strong murderous intent and wanted to kill Lin Ziming.
His murderous intent was almost condensed, and even Hannibal was taken aback and felt uncomfortable.
Hannibal’s heart moved: The Chinese named Lin Ziming here must be dead!
Yes, he has never seen anyone who can survive after he provokes Adam, none of them.
Adam’s murderous intent was released for more than a minute, and finally slowly converged in. His eyes were already cold, and he said, “This Lin Ziming is coming to me! What a courage, it must be Huangpu Road. The old ghost’s instigation wanted to use the pressure I gave him to improve his behavior and break through to the realm of God! According to his Kung Fu Cup champion, as long as he does not directly humiliate me, I can’t kill him.. …. The old ghost of Huangpu Dao paid a lot of attention! However, he looked at the strength of Lin Ziming too much, and he underestimated my temper!!”
When Hannibal heard this, he also understood that Lin Ziming was doing this to deliberately provoke his teacher Adam, and wanted to use Adam’s pressure to stimulate himself and break through to the realm of God. This is a very risky and extreme approach, and most people will not use this method.
However, Lin Ziming must be dead.
How could Adam’s majesty be offended by a small master of innate realm?
He was in front of Adam’s next instructions, and soon, he heard Adam say, “Next, you will do it yourself, without mercy, directly beat Lin Ziming to death! Moreover, the methods must be cruel and brutal! At that time, I will arrange a grand live broadcast for you, so that the whole world can see your heroic appearance, and at the same time, I also want the whole world to see. My beautiful country is the most powerful country in the world!!”
Hannibal was overjoyed and knelt down on one knee. “The students will not disappoint the teacher!!!”

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