A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2014

Facing the anger of these people, Lin Ziming showed a playful smile on his face.
The other sturdy police officer in front of him seemed to be irritated by him, and angrily cursed, “Chinese, you are committing a crime, you…”
Lin Ziming just snorted faintly, and immediately afterwards, his body moved, as if it was a tornado out of thin air. The speed was so fast that the air around him would flow quickly!
At the same time, Lin Ziming’s figure disappeared, and he rushed towards the sturdy police officer just now.
When the opponent was still not reacting, he shot directly, kicked it, and the action was extremely relaxed, as if he was kicking a ball, so that the police officer kicked it upside down, even with it. Knocked down many policemen behind him, like bowling.
Bang bang bang, knocked down a large piece.
Regarding Lin Ziming’s behavior, everyone thought that Lin Ziming was too arrogant and lawless. When did they receive such insults, they were furious and started yelling to kill Lin Ziming. !
So for a while, many people took out their pistols to kill Lin Ziming.
However, as ordinary people, even if they were trained, where did they threaten Lin Ziming? In Lin Ziming’s eyes, their speed was much slower than that of a snail.
Lin Ziming also let go of his hands and feet, and began to rush in like a wolf into a herd, and began to attack the two hundred policemen.
Bang bang bang bang…
The sound of various fists and fists rang out and reached the ears of everyone present. At the same time, they passed through the cameras of major TV stations and broadcast live to the whole country and even all over the world.
Everyone can see that Lin Ziming’s ghostly speed and his terrifying strength can take away a policeman with one punch and kick. Sometimes, he can solve several policemen in a row without a single move.
Soon, none of these policemen were his opponents. It could be said that they were helpless to fight back. They were like rubbish, and they were thrown into a pile by Lin Ziming.
All kinds of screams and groans spread throughout the audience.
And when Lin Ziming finished this, it took less than a minute in total. This made all the beautiful people watching at the scene dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded.
Lin Ziming clapped his hands, as if he had just done a trivial thing. There was not even a drop of sweat and the clothes were not messy.
“Who just said to arrest me and punish me, come up.”
Lin Ziming stood with his hands in front of the crowd of two hundred policemen, staring at them indifferently, gazing at the world.
For all of them, this scene was extremely shocking and extremely subversive!
They have never thought that this will be the result of killing them, and they have never seen such a thing when they grow up so big.
For a long time, I couldn’t return to my senses, and I seriously suspected that I had hallucinations.
Even those who watched the live broadcast in front of the TV are now dumbfounded.
Someone swallowed their saliva and made a sound of exclamation, “Devil, this must be the devil…”
After speaking, he went crazy, turned and ran away.
While running, he called the devil, the devil.

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