A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2015

And this person’s actions were completely a chain reaction, causing other people to collapse all at once, turning around and running, his face was full of panic, as if he was facing the end of the world, and he ran with all his strength!
After a while, the place was empty, and there were a few photographers carrying cameras, still staying in place.
It’s not that they are brave and dare to stay, but Lin Ziming’s eyes are fixed on them.
This made them feel as if they were being stared at by death, and their feet seemed to be nailed into the ground, completely unable to move.
The extreme fear made their legs tremble violently, and at the same time their bodies shivered.
“No, no, don’t kill me…”
They began to beg for mercy, and the voice of despair and horror reached the ears of the whole world. Lin Ziming’s appearance is also extremely profound!
Lin Ziming walked slowly to the camera and said to the camera, “I will continue to stay in the beautiful country for a week, and I will live in Chinatown. Whoever is dissatisfied with me or unhappy with me can come to me. , I don’t refuse anyone who comes.”
After saying this, Lin Ziming turned around and left. Behind him, a huge crack appeared. It seemed that even the ground could not bear his weight, and he was pressed around like a spider web. Cracked.
Everyone looked at the back of him leaving, and didn’t dare to say a word for a long time!
Even those who watched the live broadcast through the TV, the face of Lin Ziming who was looking directly at Lin Ziming just now, was pale with fright, as if being caught in the heart, and even breathing became unsmooth! !
Including the people who spoke harshly to Lin Ziming to the TV just now, and kept trying to teach Lin Ziming, all of them are now pale, speechless, and there is only endless fear in their hearts. Where is the arrogance just now?
At this moment, all the people in the beautiful country remember Lin Ziming.
Not only for the beautiful country, many people all over the world also saw this live broadcast, which was especially profound for Lin Ziming.
For a while, Lin Ziming was being discussed all over the world.
The video soon reached Hua Guo and Chu Fei.
“Sister! Sister! Look, brother-in-law is so prestigious. He went to the beautiful country alone and singled out more than two hundred police officers. This is too domineering!!”
Chu Fei’s younger brother Chu Tian, ​​holding a tablet in his hand, rushed to Chu Fei, and said excitedly.
Just now a guest came to the door, and Chu Fei was greeting the guest. When she heard the words of her brother Chu Tian, ​​she was taken aback for a moment and said, “What is it?”
“Sister, watch it for yourself!!” Chu Tian showed excitement, took the tablet to Chu Fei, and clicked on the video.
After Chu Fei finished reading, the corners of her mouth rose, her face couldn’t hide the pride and deep thoughts.
It happened that the other guests in the room also saw this guest, and immediately showed shocked expressions on their faces.
They were a bit arrogant towards Chu Fei and the Chu Family, but now they are all honest, especially to Chu Fei, they are very respectful.
Not only Chu Fei, but Tao Sanniang, Ouyang Yanran, and Shangguan Shuyao also saw this video one after another.
At the third place of Xuanyuan, Peng Zhuo and other high-level officials, after seeing this video, made an excited voice, praised Lin Ziming, admired and admired even more.
In almost two hours, everyone who knew Lin Ziming knew about it.
Suddenly, Peng Zhuo thought of something, his face changed suddenly, and he said, “No, instructor Lin is so high-profile in the beautiful country, this is the idea of ​​attacking Adam!”

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