A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2055

Scott applauded, “Good good!”
He stared at Zhong Fan, smiling very coldly, and said: “Your name is Zhong Fan. You are very courageous. You are the most courageous Chinese I have ever seen. You dare to come to my Scott’s site to make trouble. Come on, you are very confident in yourself! If this is the case, then I will greet you well!”
When Zhong Fan heard what he said, he was so frightened that he collapsed. He sat down, crying and begging for mercy: “Boss Scott! No matter what happened to me, I didn’t even know he was such a lunatic. It has nothing to do with me…”
His begging for mercy was so embarrassing and embarrassing that Lin Ziming frowned.
Some other dudes also knelt down angrily, begging for mercy, and cleared their relationship with Lin Ziming, saying that they had nothing to do with Lin Ziming.
Scott sneered at this scene. The corners of his mouth were raised at a great angle, and the whole person showed incomparable ridicule and ridicule, as well as the deep contempt and disdain for the Chinese.
He stood up, walked in front of Zhong Fan, and said, “A rubbish. With your rubbish, I want to mess with Lao Tzu? Bah!”
After he finished speaking, he directly spit on Zhong Fan’s face.
But for Zhong Fan, he did not dare to give birth to any emotions of anger or hatred. He now hates Lin Ziming more and thinks that Scott’s treatment of him is purely a masterpiece of Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming. Tired him!
Then, Scott snapped his fingers again, and immediately, more than ten burly thugs walked out around them, and they all had weapons, knives, guns and clubs in their hands, staring at Lin Ziming, full of cruel grinning. As long as Scott gave an order, then they would directly pounce on Lin Ziming.
Tear Lin Ziming to pieces.
“There has never been a Chinese who dared to be arrogant in front of my Scott. There was no one before, no one now, and no one in the future!”
Scott stared at Lin Ziming, his eyes were extremely cold, and in the cold, there was some joking.
It seemed that Lin Ziming was regarded as a prey, the prey that was about to die under his butcher knife.
Lin Ziming was not in a hurry, he said indifferently: “It seems that you are very hostile to the Chinese. I don’t think the Chinese are a threat to you?”
Scott immediately laughed disdainfully, “A threat to me? It’s up to you?”
“Yes, just rely on me.” Lin Ziming smiled faintly.
Scott seemed to have lost patience with him and snapped his fingers. Immediately, those subordinates shot directly and rushed towards Lin Ziming. Because they were armed with weapons in their hands, the threat they caused was far greater than just now. Those two thugs.
Zhong Fan clenched his fists, he felt that Lin Ziming was dead this time.
He wasn’t as nervous as he was just now, and he was more relieved, thinking that Lin Ziming was a badass, and it would be better if he died.
However, the next thing again subverted his cognition.

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