A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2074

As he opened his eyes, in an instant, everyone present felt their brains roar, as if a pair of huge eyes suddenly appeared in the sky, looking down at them!
This feeling was extremely terrifying. To them, it was as if they had been seen by heaven. All their secrets were instantly exposed to Adam.
Everyone panicked and backed up one after another, not daring to face Adam’s gaze squarely.
At this moment, Adam seems to have turned into the will of God. The moment he opened his eyes just now, there was a golden flash in his eyes, as if thunder and lightning were jumping in his eyes. , Flashing.
With his body, it seems that he is no longer a mortal, but a god! !
Even Lin Ziming was stared at by Adam’s eyes in an instant, and when the endless killing intent poured into his eyes, he also felt tremendous pressure, which made his original smooth breathing become a bit rush. , The rhythm of breathing was interrupted, and even a little throbbing in my heart!
You know, he is now a super power comparable to the God-passing realm, even if his realm is still in the half-step God-passing realm, but his true strength can already compete with the God-passing realm.
However, just now, he was still shocked by Adam’s eyes.
Of course, this was just a moment, and within 0.5 seconds, he quickly returned to normal.
For him, it was just a shock, and then immediately calmed down.
Now he and Adam are separated by thousands of meters, but he can also feel Adam’s terrifying breath and Adam’s fierce murderous intent against him!
It has to be said that Adam, as the strongest person in the beautiful country, is also the great demon of the entire Western world. His strength is still very terrifying, and he is a line higher than Ashura.
If you change someone else, facing such a terrifying existence, you will already be scared of a man, but for Lin Ziming, all he has is joy, joy and excitement from the bottom of his heart!
Now he has no desires and desires in his heart, and he has no thoughts, and there is only one thought, that is, a battle with Adam.
In this state, he has become a colored glaze state again, very pure, without a trace of distractions, and in this state, the strength he can exert is maximized.
He and Adam looked at each other, and he did not have such an earth-shattering aura like Adam, which shocked the tens of thousands of masters present. His current performance is particularly low-key, gentle as water, and not a little turbulent. .
After a full five seconds, most of the people present reacted and started talking.
“Oh my God, is this Adam? It really deserves to be the strongest person in Beautiful Country! The look in Adam’s eyes just now was too terrifying!”
“Yeah, yeah, my brain was completely blank just now, and I lost the ability to think! You know, we are so far away from Adam, he is just a look that can affect us, if you stand in front of him , I am afraid that a look in Adam’s eyes can scare us to death!”
“Horror, horror! Adam, as the great demon king of the entire Western world, finally saw his terrifying strength today, a master of the gods, this is the endless power of a master of the gods!!!”
“Look at this Lin Ziming, he too was scared, motionless, he must be regretting now! He is only a half-step through the gods, and he hasn’t really stepped into the gods, so dare It’s so unbelievable to yell Adam like this!”
“Isn’t it? This is a fool, a lunatic! He thought he was a peerless genius. He was so swollen that he dared to challenge Adam. When Adam was swaying the world, this guy was probably not born yet.”

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