A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2080

Then, Adam did not give Lin Ziming time to speak. He faced the direction from China and said loudly: “Whampoa Road, I know you are here, come out! You have always wanted to challenge my position for these years. , I don’t take care of you, but now you let your subordinates come to provoke me? It’s a man, just come out and fight me openly! Then I can look down on you, otherwise, I’ll kill this guy. Educated kid!”
Following Adam’s words, everyone immediately looked in that direction, eagerly looking forward, as if the Whampoa Road was really there.
Everyone was even more cheered up, Huangpu Dao, the god of China, was also a legendary figure, known as the patron saint of China, and his cultivation was also extremely powerful!
At the beginning, China was targeted by several countries. If it weren’t for Huangpu Road to suppress it personally, how could China now get this development? It would have long since fallen!
It can be said that the rise of China has an inseparable relationship with Huangpu Road! !
Moreover, Whampoa Road is also known as the great demon in the Eastern world, and it is just the opposite of Adam. I don’t know how many people discuss in private whether Whampoa Road and Adam are more powerful.
However, it is disappointing that the two of them have never played against each other.
This has caused many people to be very regretful. I don’t know how many people are looking forward to their two legends to be able to fight in person.
Now, after hearing Adam’s words, it seems that Whampoa Road has really appeared, and it is very likely that there will be a war with Adam. Such a message is a great message to them!
The reputation of Huangpu Road is much stronger than that of Lin Ziming. If Huangpu Road can fight Adam, then it must be very exciting. It is much better than Lin Ziming’s death.
Indeed, in their opinion, Lin Ziming and Adam are not at the same level.
Even if Lin Ziming’s performance was so stunning that he didn’t let the wind fall in front of Adam, they didn’t really think that Lin Ziming could compete with Adam. Just now, Adam didn’t take Lin Ziming seriously. Adam’s real opponent is Whampoa Road, so everything can be explained.
Including Lin Ziming, as a half-step master of the gods, dared to single-handedly make waves in the beautiful country, all of which are instructed by the gods of China.
Lin Ziming frowned slightly, he didn’t even think that Adam was so shameless that he actually came to do so.
Whampoa Road did not come at all, he felt that if the Whampoa Road came, he must know it, and the direction Adam just looked at was empty, and there were no masters at all. All of this was Adam’s smoke bomb.
Lin Ziming is not stupid. He doesn’t know yet. Adam’s purpose is to put gold on his face, to make his battle appear meaningful, and not to bully the small and make people contemptible.
I have to say that this Adam’s brain is still very good. He broke the small game in front of him so quickly, allowing him to once again gain the upper hand in public opinion.
It’s just that such a small trick will never make it to the table.
Lin Ziming also spoke, “Adam, are you treating the people of the world as a fool? I know you are arrogant, and I never thought you were so arrogant. You don’t need to act anymore. Senior Huangpu is not here at all, he is far away in China. As for the country, the direction you are heading is the emptiness.”

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