A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2122

What she said was extremely humble, her eyes were red, full of panic and shame.
Looks very pitiful.
Originally, Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang had some tricks on their faces, but after seeing Ning Yuning’s appearance, they immediately laughed bitterly, looked at each other, and both laughed bitterly.
Especially for Tao Sanniang, she felt the same for Ning Yuning, because she came here in the first place.
Unexpectedly, now there is another Ning Yuning…
So, she glared at Lin Ziming fiercely, blaming this annoying man for getting flowers and grass everywhere! The charm is too great, you will always be attracted to him without knowing it!
So, in fact, she didn’t hate Ning Yuning, because Ning Yuning, like her, was a victim.
Chu Fei also pinched Lin Ziming hard, and said angrily, “It depends on what you do!”
The second monk Lin Ziming couldn’t figure it out. Under what circumstances would he be innocent? Obviously, from the beginning to the end, he didn’t show any good feelings towards Ning Yuning, and it was Ning Yuning’s moth that extinguished the fire.
But this kind of thing, he was a big man, and there was nothing to explain, so he had to smile wryly and acquiesced.
When Ning Yuning saw the reaction of Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang, she became even more excited, and quickly explained, “Two sisters, don’t get him wrong. In fact, I’m shameless. …But I really like him, I know this kind of behavior is shameless, but I…”
Speaking of this, Ning Yuning could no longer speak at all, and began to cry.
For her, it was a double torment. Originally, with her character and morality, she knew that it was very immoral to get involved in the feelings of others, and she was spurned by others. However, she was unable to leave Lin Ziming. This is too difficult!
Originally, Lin Ziming’s loss of contact with her before was enough to make her feel uncomfortable. At that time, she did not sink too deeply, but after this incident, she was completely unable to withdraw….. .
So this kind of complicated mood made her suffer especially.
After Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang saw her, they quickly held her hand, and Chu Fei said, “Miss Ning, you have misunderstood, we don’t mean to be angry with you.”
Tao Sanniang also said, “Yes, Miss Ning, you don’t need to cry, we all know that all this is because of that nasty ghost Lin Ziming.”
After Ning Yuning heard this, she became even more nervous. She shook her head quickly and said, “No, no, no, two sisters, you have misunderstood. They really have something to do with Zi Mingzhen. All this is because of me…”
Chu Fei interrupted her and said, “Miss Ning, come with us.”
Tao Sanniang also said, “Yes, Miss Ning, there are some things that we’d better say in private.”
Ning Yuning was very nervous, thinking that Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang must have given her a warning, or even a threat. However, in this case, she was not easy to refuse, so she had to follow Chu Fei with a sense of anxiety. Tao Sanniang walked aside, avoiding Lin Ziming specifically.
On the way, Ning Yuning looked back at Lin Ziming, full of anxiety and tension.
Lin Ziming sighed and rubbed his temples, only to feel terribly upset, what is this all about.
After a while, the three of them returned.
Ning Yuning was crying, her eyes were red, and her face was a little more blush. She looked very shy and very happy, and her expression was somewhat unreal, especially with her. When Lin Ziming looked at each other, his face turned red all of a sudden.
He didn’t dare to look at Lin Ziming at all.
Seeing her reaction, Lin Ziming felt very confused. What did Chu Fei and Tao Sanniang say to her?

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