A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2161

Lin Ziming suddenly had a bad feeling about Jian Rushuang’s eyes. Why was Jian Rushuang’s reaction so huge? And Jian Rushuang’s eyes are too abnormal!
Without waiting for him to ask the doubts in his heart, at this moment, a loud but weak voice came from the sky, “Let him in.”
It’s the voice of the holy king!
Lin Ziming heard clearly all at once.
And although this voice is still very loud, it is full of majesty and unfathomable at first glance, but if you listen carefully, you can still hear it. The weakness in the voice is obviously injured!
After other people heard the voice of the holy king, their expressions were particularly complicated, with awe, distress, anger, and worry…
Jian Rushuang took a deep breath. He also heard the voice of the Holy King. Knowing that he could no longer stop Lin Ziming, he stared at Lin Ziming fiercely and said: “Lin Ziming, you better not a traitor, if You are a traitor and wounded the Holy King, then even if I am crushed, I will seek revenge from you! If I can’t kill you, I will kill the people around you!!”
His words were not joking, but from the heart, Lin Ziming didn’t doubt his words at all.
Although he felt a little unhappy in his heart, Lin Ziming did not have the same knowledge as him. After all, he was not a traitor at all, let alone hurt the Holy King.
In this way, under everyone’s attention, he slowly walked into the light curtain and successfully entered the Luo Tian faction.
After walking in, his brows jumped fiercely.
He almost didn’t recognize it, and the mess in front of him was the Luo Tian organization he had visited last time?
You know, when he came the last time, the environment here was very good, and the birds and flowers everywhere made him feel comfortable.
But now, it has been smashed in many places, and it has obviously experienced a destruction…
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe it. This was the Luo Tian organization he knew.
In this way, the emotions of Jian Rushuang and others are completely reasonable.
When they met for the first time, there were no killers who had hurt Lin Ziming, which was considered restrained.
Behind him, after Jian Rushuang and the others came in, they saw this scene, and their faces were full of pain and sorrow.
The destruction of the environment is still a trivial matter. The most sad thing is that in this battle, the Luo Tian faction has also killed many people.
Lin Ziming could clearly feel that there was a breath of sadness in the air.
Lin Ziming stopped. He looked at this scene and felt uncomfortable. When he closed his eyes, he could fully imagine how tragic the battle was at that time.
Moreover, this is a relatively small-scale battle. If then, the martial world will attack the secular world in an all-round way, what kind of a tragic scene?
To be honest, he couldn’t imagine it…
“Sorry, I came back late.”
After a while, Lin Ziming turned around and said this to Jian Rushuang and the others.
They were obviously taken aback, they didn’t even think that Lin Ziming would say such a thing, and the original ugly expression was also relieved a lot.

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