A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2209

The one who just spoke was his junior, Gong Chunqiu.
Gong Chunqiu now looked at King Xiaoyao, his eyes full of worship and fanaticism, as if King Xiaoyao was his super idol.
Only when he lowered his head, did he show jealousy in the depths of his eyes.
Of course, he didn’t dare to show such emotion in front of Xiaoyao King.
Xiaoyao King is his senior brother, but, because of this relationship, his light is completely covered by Xiaoyao King, and he has become a green leaf for Xiaoyao King.
Bu Jingyun on the side also said with emotion: “Brother Xiaoyao, you ran too fast, and it really made us desperate. We have been chasing after you for most of our lives. Instead of catching up with you, we are getting closer and closer to you. Far!”
Shakya Sunni also shook his head and said, “Brother Xiaoyao, born in the same era with you, it is really our sorrow.”
His words resonated with everyone.
Yes, he was born in an era with Xiaoyao Wang. It is too sad and destined to become a green leaf.
Each of them can be called a peerless genius, no matter what era they are in, they can become the giants of the world, but in front of Xiaoyao King, they all seem so eclipsed.
Now in the secret realm, they all thought that this was a good opportunity to surpass Xiaoyao King. As long as they collect fruits faster than Xiaoyao King and break through to the God-passing Realm, they may not be suppressed by Xiaoyao King.
However, it now seems that this is just their fantasy.
Xiaoyao King is too powerful, even in the secret realm, a world completely separated from the earth, this kind of power is still unaffected.
When Xiaoyao King breaks through to the realm of Tongshen, it must be the existence of the king over the world, and they will no longer have the possibility of transcendence.
When Xiaoyao King faced their flattery, the corners of Gu Jing Bubo’s face and mouth slowly began to rise, and he began to ask some pride.
These are not little people, but super arrogances, and there is nothing to do, can they have a sense of accomplishment than being worshipped by a group of super arrogances?
However, at this moment, a person said, “I don’t know how many fruits have been collected by Lin Ziming? He has been in the limelight recently. I even heard many people compare him to Brother Xiaoyao.”
After this sentence fell, the atmosphere immediately changed, and the corners of Xiaoyao King’s originally raised mouth became much colder immediately.
The others also looked at that person.
Then Gong Chunqiu said disdainfully: “Huh, can a little Lin Ziming compare to Senior Brother Xiaoyao? That is not a level at all! That is Senior Brother Xiaoyao is generous, otherwise there would be a Senior Brother Xiaoyao at the entrance to the secret realm. Hands can crush him.”
Bu Jingyun said at this time: “That Lin Ziming didn’t have a false name. Sakyamuni and I met him once. His strength and self-confidence are not bragging. Perhaps, he really has the ability to compete with Xiaoyao brother. Compete.”
Shakyatuni also said: “This Lin Ziming is not simple. If the secret realm cannot be suppressed this time, then our next great cause of invading the world will be greatly affected.”

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