A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2297

Chu Fei clenched her teeth. Although she had expected this scene, when she heard her father say this, she was still very angry and sad. Father, never loved her! !
Without waiting for her to speak, Qin Huayue stood up and said: “Junior Qin Huayue has seen Tian Jue Sect Master.”
After hearing Qin Huayue’s words, Tian Jue flashed some surprises on his face and said, “Do you know this seat?”
When he came out this time, his whereabouts were very secret. Apart from Elder Kunlun, no one knew that he had come to secular China, and he had never seen the woman in front of him.
Moreover, his identity is a relatively secret existence in the entire martial world, and few people have seen him.
Qin Huayue said: “The younger generation just has long heard of the name of Tianjue Sect Master.”
Tian Jue just took a deep look at Qin Huayue, and didn’t take it too seriously. He said lightly: “Since you are a junior, then go there. This is my housework.”
He spoke coldly and didn’t give Qin Huayue any face.
But Qin Huayue wasn’t angry. Instead, she laughed and said, “It is indeed a family affair, not just the family affair of Tian Jue Sect Master, but also the family affair of the younger generation.
“What do you say?” Tian Jue said coldly.
Qin Huayue said neither humble nor arrogant: “Chu Fei, it is my daughter-in-law, Sect Master Tian Jue. In this way, we are still in-laws.”
However, after Tian Jue heard these words, his pupils suddenly contracted, flashing some surprise and resentment, and then he stared at Chu Fei directly, and shouted: “Nangong Wuxia! You rebel, you dare to be outside privately. Married, you are so bold!!”
Tian Jue was furious, and a powerful sound wave radiated from his mouth, making the four people in the room feel their ears buzzing. They only felt that they seemed to be in the center of the storm, and they were about to bear it. Can’t help it! !
Especially for Chu Fei, the impact on her was even greater. She directly trembled violently and vomited a big mouthful of blood.
Wet his own clothes.
Originally, her body was weak enough just now, but now she was scolded by Tian Jue again, and she couldn’t bear the coercion.
Moreover, she knelt down completely uncontrollably.
The best performer in this is the neon clothes. She immediately blocked Chu Fei’s face, staring at Tian Jue closely, looking like death at home.
Tian Jue is very angry now, although his daughter Nangong Wuxia’s “Aura” is still there, but he absolutely cannot accept the fact that his daughter is married!
Because his daughter has been booked to Kunlun’s son!
In this way, wouldn’t it be that he slapped him in the face so hard that he became angry.
Qin Huayue immediately said: “Sect Master Tian Jue, I don’t know any conflicts between you and Feifei, but she is already a member of my Lin family. Please also look at it for the sake of your in-laws, don’t embarrass Feifei!”
It’s okay for her not to say this. When she said this, Tian Jue’s face became even more ugly, “In-law? You wait for an ant to be qualified to be my Tian Jue’s in-laws?!”
When Tao Sanniang heard this, she immediately said unconvinced: “Who is the ant! Feifei’s husband, that is Lin Ziming, the most famous super genius in the world these days, Lin Ziming!”
When Chu Fei heard this, her expression changed drastically.

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