A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2409

Compared with Qing Yuntian, it is already too much stronger. Qing Yuntian is only able to suppress him in terms of cultivation. If Qing Yuntian didn’t kill him with the force of thunder from the beginning, then Qing Yuntian would not have it. Any opportunity.
The fight goes on, the dead person can only be Qingyuntian.
However, he also has to admit that this Qingyuntian is really powerful, indeed the most powerful opponent he has encountered since his debut for so long!
If he hadn’t swallowed a hundred fruits in the secret realm, then he would have never known how many times he had died!
He quickly adjusted his state, with a smile on his face, and slowly walked towards Qing Yuntian, “Qing Yuntian, your cultivation level is indeed higher than mine, and your moves are more sophisticated than mine. It’s a pity. , You are still too old, your physique is completely inferior to me. You didn’t kill me at first, you already have no chance.”
Lin Ziming walked towards Qingyuntian while talking.
With every step he took, the aura that radiated from him became stronger and stronger!
It’s almost like a huge wave, the sky will collapse at the end of the world!
After Qing Yuntian felt his aura, the expression on his face changed again!
He took a deep breath, and his aura slowly adjusted to the highest point. At the same time, his eyes suddenly widened, looking like two huge scorching suns burning in his pupils.
His current momentum is rising steadily, just like a round of rising sun, rising, wanting to see everything.
Lin Ziming was just a small ant in front of him.
But, in fact, is this really the case?
If there is a third person here, you can find that the scorching sun in Qingyuntian can’t conceal Lin Ziming’s sharp edge at all.
“Lin Ziming, I underestimated you. You are indeed a genius, a super genius, and even people like Xiaoyao King are below your edge.” Qing Yuntian said again, now he has nothing on his face. Anger, no panic, no emotion, now he, it seems, already has the will of a’human’, like a god, trying to judge Lin Ziming, a mortal.
“It’s a pity that you are still too young, and you don’t even know how powerful the third-grade psychic realm is!”
After saying these words, he blatantly attacked and launched the most fierce attack on Lin Ziming again.
At this moment, he really showed it. As Master Bu Jingyun, he is also the number one powerhouse of Wen Tianzong, and he has a strong presence in the entire martial art world.
Lin Ziming also felt tremendous pressure in an instant.
However, he didn’t have any panic or fear. On the contrary, the smile on his face became even brighter.
Because he knew that he had already won.
Qing Yuntian must die in his hands.
What made him most happy was not that he killed Qing Yuntian, but that he passed this battle with Qing Yuntian and made tremendous progress!
Even he was able to control his body more delicately.
Therefore, it was still in the battle to bring him the greatest help. Strictly speaking, he had to thank Qing Yuntian well.
And the specific way of repaying is to defeat Qingyuntian in the most violent, peak, and straightforward way! !
When Qing Yuntian attacked him, he also moved…

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