A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 2416

This scene made him only feel the numbness of his scalp, and he also realized that something serious happened, it really happened!
Although Qing Yuntian was not the supreme master of the Tianzong, but when asked whether the status of the Tianzong was higher than the master, he died in such an unexplained manner. This is all for the entire Tianzong. Great blow!
He quickly reacted and saw several people suddenly flying in at the door, all of whom were asking the top of the Tianzong, and the lord of them was also here, “What happened!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly saw Qingyuntian’s cracked life card. The heart was shocked, and his pupils shrank suddenly, which can no longer be described as a numb scalp!
He suddenly thought of a terrible fact, Qing Yuntian is dead, Qing Yuntian is dead! !
“Uncle Qingyun! No, no, this can’t be true, it must be false!!”
The lord is a young man. His face is now pale and full of fear. He took two steps back and his eyes were cracked.
Qing Yuntian was his uncle, and also the pillar of Tianzong, how he died like this?
He couldn’t believe this was true. You must know that Qingyuntian is a third-grade power god realm, with a cultivation base that is infinitely close to the peak. Looking at the whole world, apart from those few people, how many people can kill Qingyuntian?
And those few people have good friendships with Qing Yuntian, and it is almost impossible to have enmity. Then, how did Qing Yuntian die?
He couldn’t believe it was true at all, or that he could not accept that it was true.
Not only him, but the high-levels next to him are also shocked now, full of panic, and shout out in a gloomy manner:
“Oh my God! How did Master Qingyun’s life card split! What’s the situation?!”
“Could it be that Master Qingyun has already had an accident? Impossible, this is impossible!”
“Nonsense, with Master Qingyun’s cultivation base, in this world, besides Tian Jue, who can kill Master Qingyun, and Tian Jue and Master Qingyun are good friends.”
They said so, but their mentality is already in chaos. It can be seen from this that Qing Yuntian’s death was a huge blow to them.
Fortunately, the Sect Master responded first. He took a deep breath and said, “Master Qingyun has an accident. In any case, we have to find out who the murderer is!”
When he said this, he gritted his teeth and hated him incomparably.
The others also fell silent, began to calm down slowly, accepting the fact that Qing Yuntian had been killed.
Because they all know that Qingyuntian’s life card is broken, and there is no other possibility except that Qingyuntian has fallen.
It’s just that they don’t even think about how Qing Yuntian died, and who else in this world can kill Qing Yuntian?
The sect master immediately said again: “Check, where did Master Qingyun go and who did he contact!”
At this time, someone suddenly thought of something and started to say: “Sect Master, I remember, Master Qingyun, it seems that he is going to behead Lin Ziming, do you think it will be… ”
At this point, he paused, and what he meant was already obvious.
After the Sect Master heard these words, his pupils contracted again, feeling extremely shocked.
Could it be that Master Qingyun was beaten to death by the kid Lin Ziming?

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