A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 330

“Guo Yuanjia, you have to explain this to me!”
Huang Dongqiang’s expression was ugly to the extreme, staring at Guo Yuanjia, always planning to tear his skin.
Huang Wenhua also had a hideous expression, and his face was flushed red. Everyone could tell that he was on the verge of collapse, which was equivalent to a barrel of explosives, and a little spark could ignite an explosion.
Even Guo Yuanjia, who has experienced strong winds and waves, can’t help but feel his scalp numb in the face of this situation. There is a panic in his heart, and there is no way. My friend, isn’t it the same as cuckolding Huang Wenhua and slapped Huang family in the face!
To be honest, he didn’t even think that Guo Junyi would be so capricious and so ignorant. In this kind of situation, he would say such words, leaving their entire Guo family in a passive and unreasonable situation!
If he didn’t love Guo Junyi from the bottom of his bones, he would want to slap Guo Junyi at the moment. This crazy girl thinks that his waywardness is causing big trouble to the Guo family.
As for Guo Yuanfeng, he was even more angry, thinking that Guo Junyi was too naive.
“Misunderstanding, Mr. Huang, Wenhua, what I just did was misunderstanding!” At this point, Guo Yuanjia had no choice but to put down his body, licking his face to make rounds, “Little girls are naughty and always like to come up with some weird ideas, often It’s ridiculous, haha, please forgive me, Mr. Huang and Wenhua.”
He smiled ho ho, his acting was very good, and he couldn’t tell at first glance, he thought it was really like this.
Huang Dongqiang snorted heavily. He saw that Guo Junyi’s remarks just now had nothing to do with Guo Yuanjia. It should be mostly Guo Junyi’s willful and self-assertive. In this case, he wouldn’t be so angry.
“Brother Guo, we have a good relationship, but we should stop making jokes like this in the future.” Huang Dongqiang sold Guo Yuanjia’s face without any recurrence, just said meaningfully.
Guo Yuanjia breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded hurriedly, “That’s for sure!”
He gave Huang Dongqiang a fist and let go of his posture. Originally, at this engagement banquet, his Guo family was supposed to be a higher status as the wife, but because of Guo Junyi’s appearance just now, the Guo family’s posture was put down, invisible. Zhong is also embarrassed. Regarding this, even if he loved Guo Junyi again, he couldn’t help but get angry, stared at Guo Junyi fiercely, and said, “Guo Junyi, what’s your situation today?”
Guo Junyi gritted her teeth and said unwillingly: “Dad! I have told you that I already have a sweetheart, and he is already here, I am not engaged to Huang Wenhua for the banquet tonight, I am here to tell This thing everyone.”
Guo Yuanjia still didn’t say anything, Guo Yuanfeng couldn’t help it, he directly cursed unceremoniously: “Laughter! Guo Junyi, you are determined to embarrass the Guo family, aren’t you? You are already an adult, and you are so self-willed. What kind of style!”
Then Guo Yuanfeng said to Guo Yuanjia, “Brother, I told you a long time ago that you can’t spoil your daughter like this, you see that spoiling things is coming.”
What happened just now caused the atmosphere at the scene to be a bit embarrassing. Many of the guests in the audience were not happy to make a move. They were full of gossip and looked at the Guo family and the Huang family.
“Junyi, your uncle is right. Now that you have grown up, you will soon be married. You can’t be so self-willed in the future, you know?” Guo Yuanjia couldn’t bear Guo Junyi’s jealous aggrieved look. He has only one daughter. He has loved Guo Junyi from childhood to most. He was afraid of turning it in his mouth and holding it in his hand for fear of falling. The reason why he married his daughter to Huang Wenhua was to hope that his daughter would have happiness in the future.
Huang Wenhua’s background is right, and his ability is also outstanding. He can be alone when he is under 30 years old.
As for the man named Lin Ziming Guo Junyi talked about these past two days, he didn’t care at all, so what if he can fight? It’s just a martial artist who died. Now this society is not about force, and he does not approve of really allowing his daughter to be with such a person.

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