A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 347

Others also have such doubts.
Guo Junyi shook her head and said, “I don’t know either.”
Liu Yuan held Guo Junyi’s hand and asked softly: “Daughter, since he is the son-in-law of the Chu family, why is he with you again? Isn’t he cheating like this?”
“He has divorced his wife.”
Hearing this, Liu Yuan and Guo Yuanjia looked at each other and both sighed in relief, but immediately, Guo Junyi sighed again and said quietly: “One thing I lied to you, Lin Ziming and I are not a relationship, we are just It’s just an ordinary friendship.”
All the Guo family members cried out in silence.
After Lin Ziming and others came out of the hotel, they were immediately surrounded by many people downstairs. Most of them were the guests just now. After they left early, they did not leave immediately, but waited under the hotel, even if It was already snowing outside and it was bitingly cold. They were still waiting there to show their sincerity to Lin Ziming.
So when they saw Lin Ziming coming out, they all swarmed up, and they didn’t care about their dignity as a boss. They hugged Lin Ziming’s thigh before talking.
This scene surprised many people on the street. They were talking about what kind of big man it was, and they wanted so many bosses to please and give out business cards.
Among these people, one person stood on tiptoe and watched with curiosity on his face. Who is this person, it is Chu Tian, ​​beside him, there is a young and beautiful girl who is holding him intimately. hand.
Chu Tian is a bit depressed these days, because he hasn’t seen Lin Ziming for several days, and now he has recognized Lin Ziming’s brother-in-law, and there is still a lot of worship in his heart.
Since the day of the holiday, Lin Ziming taught Qian Feng at the school gate, and Qian Feng has been so long that he dare not even put a fart. He has become famous in the circle. Many people know that he has a great Brother-in-law, no one dared to offend him anymore. In the past few days, people slapped him every day, especially when he went to sing the night before. A bunch of people licked him, and the heavenly brother shouted affectionately. This feeling is really true. That’s so cool!
Among other things, the beauty next to him gave him an embrace because he had a relationship with a powerful brother-in-law. If in the past, how could he have such a beautiful scenery? So he decided, no matter what happens in the future, he must hug Lin Ziming’s thighs tightly!
But as a result, the brother-in-law hasn’t been seen in the past few days. I asked my parents if I didn’t say anything, and I didn’t answer when I asked my sister, but he was depressed.
Now he was afraid that Lin Ziming would leave the Chu family. Then he would be back to his original form. To be honest, he was already beautiful now, and it would be absolutely unacceptable for him to return to the days before.
“Brother Tian, ​​what does your brother-in-law do? That’s so amazing, can you introduce me to him?” At this moment, the beautiful woman next to Chu Tian asked delicately, holding Chu Tian’s hand intimately and shaking her hand. His nosebleed is about to come out.
Chu Tian straightened his waist immediately, and said proudly: “My brother-in-law, that’s a big man among big people! The chairman of Michelle Media, don’t you recognize him? That’s my brother-in-law’s iron buddies. A while ago, my brother-in-law gave Our company invested 100 million yuan, and all the shares were given to my sister…”
The little beauty immediately straightened her eyes and called out: “Wow! A hundred million, your brother-in-law is too awesome!!”
“Of course.” Chu Tian smiled terribly.
The little beauty asked again: “My god, where is our brother-in-law? I want to see him!”
“This…” Chu Tian was a little embarrassed, just about to push away, but at this moment, he straightened his neck suddenly, his eyes lighted, and he exclaimed excitedly, “Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!!”

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