A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 379

“Lin Ziming?” When Lin Zihao heard these words, he immediately frowned, put down his bow and arrow, and said in a deep voice, “What is the situation, you can speak clearly.”
Next, Tang Chenghong pours out beans, adding extra energy and jealousy to hear what happened in Fengting. He especially emphasized how Lin Ziming had put Lin Zihao in his eyes and how he humiliated him.
After Lin Zihao listened, intense anger rose in his eyes, his face instantly became cold, and he said, “What a Lin Ziming!”
Seeing that Lin Zihao was angry, Tang Chenghong was very happy with some cunning and surprise flashing in his eyes, and said with more resentment and grievance on his face: “Cousin, Lin Ziming, this beast is too deceiving, it doesn’t matter if I was beaten. , The key point is that he doesn’t give you a bit of face, I broke your name, and was slapped a few more times by him, and his face was swollen…”
He didn’t finish his words, and saw Lin Zihao kick him on his stomach, kick him over, hit him twice on the ground, and cursed coldly: “Things that are not useful, even a small one. Lin Ziming was unfair, and he was beaten up like this, embarrassing Lao Tzu.”
Lin Zihao kicked hard with this kick. Tang Chenghong grinned with pain and kept sucking in cold air, but he didn’t dare to blame Lin Zihao at all. Said: “My cousin is right, but I actually didn’t use it. If you lost your face, cousin, I didn’t use it. My mouth…”
Punch, Tang Chenghong slapped himself seven or eight in a row, making his already red and swollen face even more embarrassing, and tears streaming down his eyes, looking particularly miserable.
Seeing him like this, Lin Zihao couldn’t bear it, waved his hand and said, “Okay, get up, there is no need to play bitter tricks. Lin Ziming, I won’t let him go.”
When Tang Chenghong heard these words, he sighed in relief and didn’t dare to stand up immediately, but continued to kneel.
In fact, Tang Chenghong was not too afraid of Lin Zihao before, because at that time Lin Ziming’s existence, Lin Zihao seemed a lot mediocre, and his personality was not as arrogant and domineering as it is now. But since Lin Ziming was expelled from the Lin family four years ago, Lin Zihao’s family dominates, and his personality has become more and more arrogant, more and more domineering, and more and more cold, like a poisonous snake, often a look in his eyes is horrible. Shaking, fear to the extreme.
From then on, Tang Chenghong became more and more afraid of Lin Zihao. He still remembers that Lin Zihao punished the cruel side of a subordinate who did wrong that day.
At this moment, from the woods more than fifty meters away, a sturdy wild boar rushed out, weighing at least a few hundred catties, with a sniffing nose, staring at this side, and then rushed in angrily, extremely violently .
It is full of momentum. If you are hit, people will fly up, and there will be a hole in their stomachs.
Everyone’s nerves tightened at this moment, and Tang Chenghong’s scalp was numb with fright, and his brain went blank.
Several people shot arrows in a panic, trying to shoot the wild boar down.
It’s a pity that none of them hit the wild boar. After a while, the wild boar arrived in front of all of them, leaving only about ten meters away. In less than a second, they would hit them.
For a while, they all became frightened and began to turn and run away.
But at this moment, a person moved suddenly. It was Lin Zihao. He stepped forward and then clenched his fist. He fisted from top to bottom, struggling towards the head of the wild boar who had already ran in front of him. , Smashed it hard.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang!
Accompanied by a screaming scream, the wild boar of several hundred jin lost its strength and fell to the ground, raising a cloud of dust on the ground.
And Lin Zihao was also hit by the powerful impact, backing seven or eight meters, pulling out two fierce grooves on the ground.
The wild boar was actually beaten to death by Lin Zihao!
Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene, looking at Lin Zihao like a ghost.

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