A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 490

Lin Ziming called Chou Ye, but Han Jinlong. He just didn’t believe in Chou Ye. Anyway, Chou Ye was also a member of Luo Tian’s organization, and it was not certain that he would let Lu Dongbin go. Lin Ziming has always been strict in doing things, and with his personality, he definitely wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.
As for Chu Xuan, she had experienced today’s events, and her spirit was a little abnormal. Lin Ziming didn’t have trouble with her, so she let her go.
After all the dust settled, Lin Ziming breathed a sigh of relief. The fight with Lu Dongbin just now took a lot of his mind and energy, and he was already a little tired.
Turning around, he saw the eyes of Chu Fei’s family looking at him, with more or less strangeness and awe, and he felt quite uncomfortable.
He walked over, smiled, and said, “The house is messy now, or move to a villa in Yulong Bay first, which happens to have a lot of rooms there.”
Liu Suhong was originally afraid of Lin Ziming. Hearing Lin Ziming’s words, his eyes lit up and he blurted out, “Okay, okay! Will you move in now?”
Chu Huaxiong was also a little excited. It was a big villa of nearly 40 million yuan, and it was a symbol of status after living in it!
Chu Fei immediately shouted to Liu Suhong, winked at Liu Suhong, and then took a deep breath and said to Lin Ziming: “This is no longer necessary. We can rent a house outside and live for a while without disturbing you.”
Lin Ziming said, “I didn’t bother me, and I didn’t feel so bored after you came here. Besides, you were so tired because of me, so you should give me a chance to make up for it. Don’t refuse me, okay?”
Lin Ziming looked at Chu Fei deeply. Since their divorce, the relationship has become more ambiguous.
Liu Suhong’s eyes flashed green when she heard it, and the awe of Lin Ziming disappeared a lot. She was already crazy about the scenery after living in Yulong Bay. If this spreads out, then she will have more face!
She hurriedly pushed Chu Fei, winking her eyebrows and said, “Fei Fei, Ziming is right, anyway, our house has been damaged, and we will not be able to live in it for a while. We have to redecorate it. And this big night, we have to look for it. Renting is inconvenient, I think, let’s go to Ziming to live first. We were originally a family. Now that Ziming is promising, it’s okay for us to be in the light of Ziming!”
As he said, Liu Suhong also pushed Chu Huaxiong, motioning Chu Huaxiong to stop there, and followed to speak.
Chu Huaxiong hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, let’s go to Ziming to live first, anyway, we are a family.”
Chu Fei bit her lip lightly. She hesitated for a while, and finally said softly, “Well, then I will trouble you.”
Lin Ziming was overjoyed immediately, waved his hand and said, “No trouble, no trouble.”
In this way, Chu Fei’s family of three immediately packed up and followed Lin Ziming.
Along the way, Liu Suhong and Chu Huaxiong’s fear of Lin Ziming disappeared, because they discovered that Lin Ziming was still the same Lin Ziming before, and they still respected them very much.
This made the two of them secretly relieved and made up their minds, they must let Chu Fei and Lin Ziming remarry and tie Lin Ziming firmly.
As for Chu Fei, she was full of doubts and wanted to ask Lin Ziming, and from time to time she raised her head to look at Lin Ziming.
After arriving at Yulong Bay, Liu Suhong became even more excited, as if forgetting what had just happened, and also took photos specially and posted a circle of friends. The content wrote: From now on, he will live in the most high-end villa area of ​​Yulong Bay. Experience what it feels like to be a forty million villa.
The announcement of this circle of friends immediately caused a sensation. Not only did many people like and leave comments for Liu Suhong, but also many people came to send information to ask Liu Suhong if it really happened.

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