A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 598

What is domineering, what is publicity?
Now Lin Ziming explains this perfectly.
At this point, there is no need for him to act again.
Feeling his aura, Yan Chuang was shocked. He just picked up the teacup and was about to drink tea. The teacup was shattered by his disordered innocence.
As for the others, it is even more unbearable, especially for the members of the North Sky Society. In their spiritual world, a storm has been rolled up, and a huge demon god who is huge enough to cover the sky appears. Make them look black, as if their sight is blocked!
When Xu Hua and the others waited, they were all stunned, staring at Lin Ziming blankly, with no idea that Lin Ziming would be so powerful.
However, Lin Ziming’s momentum appeared for a second, and then disappeared. When everyone opened their eyes and looked again, they found that Lin Ziming was still the very low-key, completely inconspicuous Lin Ziming.
This kind of strong contrast made them all think whether they had hallucinations just now.
Only Yan Chuang stood up abruptly, staring at Lin Ziming, and said: “Okay, I’m still a practicing family, with a little bit of skill. No wonder I dare to come up to Beitian and worship the dock! Good fellow, I missed my sight. !”
Wang Shougui is dumbfounded, what’s the situation? When did the chairman become Lianjiazi? He didn’t know how.
Lin Ziming smiled without saying a word. He has now determined that Gu Hanxing is not here, and Gu Xuan is not here. Then he has nothing to hide. First, let the Beitianhui branch be upset before talking.
He has already figured it out. Anyway, he and Gu Hanxing have already settled a grievance, and there is almost no possibility of mediation, so he might as well be more arrogant and let the people in the North Sky Club remember his name!
According to Tao Sanniang’s words, the Beitian Society is a difficult existence to greet. I advise him to beware of the Beitian Society and it is best not to oppose the Beitian Society. But Tao Sanniang didn’t know the existence of the Luo Tian organization, so only one fact was explained, that is, the Luo Tian organization was so many times stronger than the Beitian organization that this would happen.
Since he is going to declare war with Luo Tian organization sooner or later, if he can’t even fight a Beitian organization now, what will he use to fight Luo Tian organization?
In the past, he was still at the pinnacle of the acquired state, and he had to do a lot of things low-key, but now he is in the innate state, and he has taken the best cleansing pill to break through, which is much stronger than the ordinary innate state. He has this strength, so there is no need for a low-key at all, at least here and now, in this situation, he doesn’t need to be low-key.
“Big Xiong, come on, don’t show mercy under your hands, and get rid of his legs!” Yan Chuang gave an order, with a harsh tone and full of murderous aura. Many people present had a little scalp tingling, knowing that Yan Chuang was really angry.
Wang Shougui shivered even more, and his fear was extreme. He never thought that things would happen to this point. He had known that even if he had given him a hundred courage, he would not dare to accompany Lin Ziming.
He knows how difficult Bei Tian will be. It is possible for one accidentally to take his life in every minute!
Now he is complaining about Lin Ziming more and more. This arrogant thing has exhausted him too, fuck!
Da Xiong’s eyes became red all of a sudden, bloodshot, clenched his fists, twisted his neck, and screamed all over his body. It sounded particularly scary. As you can imagine, he punched. When he came out, Lin Ziming would be knocked off every minute!
As the person involved, Lin Ziming could actually laugh at this moment, shook his finger at Big Bear, and said: “You can’t, you are too weak, you can’t hold my punch, let someone more powerful come and fight me. .”

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