A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 600

Everyone went on together and tidied up together.
This is easy to say, it can be really done, and the difficulty is no less than ascending to the sky.
Not to mention that Yan Chuang, who is in the North Sky Club branch and the peak of acquired strength, is present. There are also more than a dozen members of the North Sky Club. They are all first-class masters. If they really want to swarm them, a tank will be dismantled. Racked up.
In their eyes, Lin Ziming can no longer be described as arrogant, but lawless, seeking his own death.
At the moment, all the people in the North Sky Club were furious, and they were so angry that they were about to ravage Lin Ziming to death. They have always been domineering in Beitian, and they are the only ones who bully others. How can they be humiliated by people like they are now?
Wang Shougui was already frightened and his brain was blank. He could no longer think of words to describe Lin Ziming’s arrogance and death. It would be fine if he didn’t bow his head on the site of the North Sky Club. He actually dared to speak so wildly. Challenging everyone in the North Sky Society, this time is directly stabbing the hornet’s nest.
Xu Hua and the others also had scalp numbness. They looked at Lin Ziming dementialy. They could no longer understand what Lin Ziming wanted to do. They were already the big bosses of a big company. As for this kind of death?
From the bottom of their hearts, they didn’t think that Lin Ziming had the ability to single-handedly challenge the group of people in the North Sky Society, especially the Yan Chuang above, who was even more of a terrorist level.
“Good, good!!” Yan Chuang laughed in anger and said loudly, “What a fearless young man, who is so arrogant that he singles me out with so many people in Beitian? Okay, then I will fulfill you!”
Then he asked all the members of the Northern Sky Club to surround Lin Ziming, Yan Chuang stared at him, and said again: “The surname is Lin, now you kneel down and beg me, and give me half of your shares in Ziqiong Media for free. , I can consider letting you go.”
Lin Ziming responded to him with only one middle finger, making him furious again, and gave an order to let the master of Zhongduo Beitian Association take action and attack Lin Ziming together.
For a time, Lin Ziming was in the eyes of a storm, and under tremendous pressure, he would be torn apart every minute.
Xu Hua, who has always been arrogant and arrogant, saw this scene, and he couldn’t help showing a look of fear. If he was in Lin Ziming’s position, he might not be able to hold it for a second.
Faced with a combined attack by more than a dozen Northern Heavenly Guild masters, Lin Ziming remained motionless, and only started to move when the first fist came.
There is no extra action, that is, simply use violence to control violence, blast out with one punch, and hit the opponent’s fist directly.
Only heard a touch, accompanied by a painful scream, the other party backed back without any suspense, and the arm was dislocated by Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming was unscathed. He didn’t even change his expression. The next moment, he didn’t stay on the spot. He kicked over with a kick, and a master of the master realm who rushed over was kicked in the stomach. , A mouthful of blood came out, flew out, hit the wall behind, and when it slid down, he had already lost the ability to act.
In just a second, Lin Ziming had already solved the two opponents. It was almost at the extreme, almost at the speed of electric sparks.
Then, Lin Ziming strolled in the courtyard, very relaxed and freehand, and the power he brought was a thunderous crit. He kicked it out with one punch and kick, and fell down a member of the Northern Sky Club and lost the battle. Ability. Almost no one can block his punch, these fierce members of the Northern Sky Club, under his hand, became a chicken dog, vulnerable to a single blow.
In less than half a minute, Lin Ziming had already solved the battle, and his clothes were not messed up, he clapped his hands easily, and said, “This is the strength of the Northern Sky Club? I am ashamed to occupy the security zone. One piece, don’t let anyone interfere?”
An expression of horror appeared on Yan Chuang’s face for the first time, his eyes staring like a lantern, and he couldn’t believe it, “Who are you?!”
He is very gaffe now, and his speech is broken.

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