A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 641

At this time, Guo Junyi came over, and she was very upset when she saw Tao Sanniang and Lin Ziming Qingqing, and I was jealous.
“Ziming, why did you come here? It made me look for you for a long time.” Guo Junyi said with some dissatisfaction, and then she took Lin Ziming’s arm naturally, very intimate.
Lin Ziming coughed slightly and said, “Aren’t you going home with your dad?”
Guo Junyi said: “I will stay with you.”
Then she immediately looked at Tao Sanniang, and said with some hostility in her tone: “Ziming, you still haven’t introduced me, who is this big sister?”
“Eldest sister?” Lin Ziming stunned when she heard that, Tao Sanniang was a few years older than Guo Junyi, but why can’t she say that she is older?
After listening to Tao Sanniang, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she said angrily: “Who do you think the eldest sister?”
“You, don’t I say that is obvious enough?” Guo Junyi pretended to be surprised, and the pride on her face couldn’t be hidden.
Tao Sanniang was very annoyed. She rolled her eyes, and immediately recovered her brilliant smile. She blinked at Lin Ziming and said with an ambiguous face: “Ziming, then our business is settled. I will Come to pick you up, this is our little secret, don’t give it to others, bye.”
After talking about Tao Sanniang and left, she looked like a fox.
Guo Junyi immediately became annoyed, and directed at Tao Sanniang’s back, scolded a vixen fiercely!
Lin Ziming thought with anger in his heart, I miss you so much that you are not qualified to talk about other people’s foxes, right?
“Hey, what secrets do you have directly?” Guo Junyi said angrily.
Lin Ziming said: “There is no secret, she deliberately made you angry.”
“Really?” Guo Junyi obviously didn’t believe it.
Lin Ziming said angrily: “Of course it is true. With your ingenuity, I can’t deceive you.”
Guo Junyi said with great approval: “That’s true.”
On Gu Hanxing’s side, he had already returned to the Beitian Club. As soon as he saw Gu Xuan, he cried out in tears, “Father, you want to avenge me this time!”
Gu Xuan saw that his son’s mental state was obviously wrong, and he suffered a serious injury. He was shocked at the moment. He walked up quickly and said in a deep voice, “What happened? With your current martial arts, it is not congenital. It’s impossible for anyone to beat you like this.”
Gu Hanxing is now languid. If the eggplant that was beaten by Frost sees Gu Xuan, his grievances will all flow up and he cried out, “It’s not Lin Ziming! He has interrupted my’foundation’. , Dad, it’s impossible for me to break through to the innate realm in my life.”
“What?!” Gu Xuan was shocked, and immediately rushed towards him and lifted Gu Hanxing’s coat. Sure enough, he saw that Gu Hanxing’s pubic area had an extra black spot, which meant that Gu Hanxing’s’roots’ had been broken, and it would be impossible for him to break through in this lifetime. It’s innate realm.
At the moment, Gu Xuan’s eyes were dark, and intense sorrow and anger came to his heart together, and he let out a rage, “Lin Ziming!!! How dare I hurt my son’s foundation, I will not kill you if I don’t kill you!!!”

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