A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 76

The current Han Jinlong, where is the humility and respect that he had when he had dinner with Lin Ziming two days ago, now he walks fast, not angry, and exudes a strong aura, which immediately makes the whole audience Be quiet and look at him in awe.
As a self-made boss, although Han Jinlong is wearing a suit and trying to dress himself up as a business elite, his fierce temperament still betrays him.
“Wow, it’s very hot, it seems that I came at the right time.” Han Jinlong said with a smile, holding two walnuts in his hand, he walked in leisurely.
When Chu Hao saw Han Jinlong appear, the smile on his face immediately stiffened in the last second, his face was pale at a speed visible to the naked eye, his pupils contracted, his liver and gallbladder were split, and his legs were even swinging.
He couldn’t understand why Han Jinlong came here?
He obviously gave Han Jinlong 10 million yesterday, why did he still find it, because he didn’t gamble today?
Lin Ziming in the crowd saw Han Jinlong coming, with a mysterious smile on his face.
Why did Han Jinlong come here? Of course, I received the information from Chairman Zi Qiong and instructed him to come.
Fifteen million is not a huge sum for Han Jinlong. Besides, Chu Hao has already paid back ten million the day before yesterday, leaving five and a half million, so tolerance for a few days is not a problem.
However, he received information from Lin Ziming and asked him to come here. He definitely didn’t dare to refuse, so he quickly put down what he was holding and rushed over without a word.
He didn’t know why Chairman Zi Qiong called him over, or how he got involved with the little Chu family. It had nothing to do with him. He was just selling Chairman Zi Qiong’s favor.
After eating that day, he tried to investigate the information of Chairman Zi Qiong, but nothing was investigated. He just inquired that just a while ago, the other party bought Zi Qiong Film and Television Company from Lin’s family for 2.5 billion. Hearing from Wang Shougui, this is still a play ticket, which shows that the young chairman Zi Qiong is very rich, extremely rich, and has a deep background, which cannot be investigated by a small person of his level.
Knowing this, he immediately stopped the investigation of Chairman Zi Qiong, lest Chairman Zi Qiong knew about it and caused a murderous disaster. The more he reaches this state, the more he understands his insignificance. There are still many big people in the world that he cannot afford to offend.
The information that Chairman Zi Qiong sent to him is very simple, let him come here in the shortest time and cooperate with him in a play.
He didn’t understand what medicine was sold in the gourd, Chairman Zi Qiong, it didn’t matter, he just did it.
When Chu Guodong and others saw Han Jinlong’s arrival, they all showed awe.
“Boss Han, what brought you here?” Chu Guodong, as the head of the family, represents the dignity of the Chu family. Although he is afraid of Han Jinlong, he still has to remain calm in front of many clansmen.
Han Jinlong kneaded the walnuts in his hand, constantly rotating, making a sound, making all the Chu family members involuntarily lift their hearts, including Chu Fei.
Han Jinlong didn’t speak immediately, but shot his eyes from the crowd, looking for Chairman Zi Qiong, but he was disappointed, and he didn’t see Chairman Zi Qiong.
All of the Chu family members who were caught by his gaze speeded up their heartbeats and became scared. The shadow that Han Jinlong had brought to them a few years ago was still there.
“Oh, I happened to be here for dinner, by the way, to collect some debt.” Han Jinlong said with a smile.
Chu Guodong’s pupils contracted, and it turned out that the worst thing happened. Someone from the Chu family gambled with Han Jinlong and lost a lot of money. Even ten million was not enough to repay the debt.

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