A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 819

Next, Tao Sanniang took Lin Ziming around for a while, bought a lot of clothes, ate a lot of snacks, and had fun before they were ready to go home.
After returning home, the Tao family was flattered for a while, all kinds of flattery, and the treatment he had come this morning was completely two extremes.
In the evening, he received a call from Ding Yan, with a particularly humble tone, and asked Lin Ziming if he was free now, and he used to eat, saying that his boss had booked a box in the highest standard restaurant in Yuancheng, and so on. To take him to dinner.
Lin Ziming said yes, Ding Yan was overjoyed immediately, and said that their car had reached the gate of the community, and came to pick Lin Ziming in person.
Lin Ziming was not ashamed of Ding Yan’s enthusiasm. With his current status, there are more people who want to eat with him.
He was not hypocritical, called Tao Sanniang and passed by.
During the period, Peng Yulu also wanted to go, saying that she was seeing the world, but she was rejected by Tao Sanniang. She knew Peng Yulu’s virtues very well. Once she took her there, she would definitely embarrass them. If she was embarrassed. Forget it, the key is to lose Lin Ziming’s face, which she would never agree to.
After Peng Yulu was rejected, she was very unhappy, but she didn’t dare to show it, so she had to scold Tao Sanniang for being unfilial.
Ding Yan’s boss is also a master, not in the congenital realm, but at the peak of the day after tomorrow, and Lin Ziming can tell at a glance that he has swallowed the marrow pill twice.
“Hello, Lord Lin! You are really fortunate for Jiang Sansheng to come over for dinner!”
Jiang Liqun was waiting on the first floor of the restaurant, and when he saw Lin Ziming getting off the car, he immediately smiled and walked over.
Lin Ziming also smiled and said, “Mr. Jiang, hello.”
Jiang Liqun said flatteredly: “Master Lin, do you know me?”
Lin Ziming said, “In the car just now, Xiaoding introduced it.”
Jiang Liqun was a little embarrassed, but for a person like him, he quickly returned to normal. It was almost impossible to realize that he was embarrassed at all. He punched him, and then began to entertain Lin Ziming and Tao Sanniang.
His interpersonal skills are very good, and there are always topics, which makes it very comfortable to talk. His sister-in-law, one by one, also shouted Tao Sanniang very happily, and his impression of him was even better.
When he walked to the box, Lin Ziming suddenly said, “Mr. Jiang made me special, want to break through the innate realm, right?”
Jiang Liqun was taken aback for a while, and then he stunned a lot, gave a thumbs up, and said in admiration: “Lin Ye is really Lin Ye, hit the nail on the head! I really want to break through the innate realm. I don’t know what Lin Ye has to do?”
Lin Ziming smiled without saying a word, and sat down generously.
Jiang Liqun would not be embarrassed either, he knew that Lin Ziming was testing his sincerity.
Jiang Liqun stood up personally, poured wine to Lin Ziming, and said sincerely: “Master Lin, if you can help me break through the innate realm, Jiang is willing to transfer half of his property to Master Lin!”
When he said this, the other people in the box were stunned, and their eyes widened, especially Ding Yan, his eyes filled with disbelief.
As Jiang Liqun’s subordinate for many years, he knows better than anyone that Jiang Liqun’s industry is valuable. This transfers half of it directly to Lin Ziming, which is worth tens of billions!
Even Tao Sanniang had a lot of shortness of breath. Just after sitting down, she heard such irritating words!
As a native of Yuancheng, Tao Sanniang also knows how big Jiang Liqun’s industry is.
However, Lin Ziming didn’t respond. He didn’t even change his face, so he leisurely picked up the wine glass and sipped it lightly.

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