A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 833

The boss asked, “Why, don’t you believe me?”
Connor shook his head quickly and said, “There is no such thing, I didn’t mean it.”
The boss snorted coldly, and then said: “According to your description last time, I suspect that he is a superpower of China. At your current level, he is not his opponent.”
“Supernatural?!” Connor’s expression changed immediately when he heard this.
“It’s just suspicion.” The boss sneered, quickly full of arrogance and disdain, and said: “Even if he is a superpower, he is not my opponent.”
“That’s what it is!” Connor hastily flattered, and Smith and others are also various fancy flattering.
The boss is more comfortable, with a more smile on his face, and said: “Connor, you are a good seedling. This time the Chinese is a good target for your trial. As long as you kill him, then, return to Great Britain. Empire, you are qualified to challenge the Supreme Golden Belt!”
Connor heard this and he immediately opened his eyes wide, extremely excited.
The supreme gold belt is the highest honor in their industry. It has a much higher gold content than his champion gold belt. If he can become the winner of the supreme gold belt, then his commercial value will increase sharply!
“Then I won’t let you down, boss!” Connor clenched his fists and said with a loud voice, extremely excited.
The boss nodded and said: “When you agree to the Chinese people this time, after returning to China, I will arrange a few games for you and get your ranking up. Then, when your value comes out, you will arrange the Supreme Gold Belt Challenge. You can make a lot of money. Connor, I have great expectations of you. Don’t let me down, you know?”
Connor nodded quickly, a horrified light burst in his eyes, and nodded quickly, “Boss, rest assured! I will never disappoint you.”
“However, boss, you just said that Chinese is a supernatural person, I may not be able to beat him?” Connor thought of this, and said with some embarrassment.
The boss’s eyes flashed, he didn’t answer right away, but turned around and punched the force measuring machine seemingly casually, and suddenly there was a loud bang!
The steel plate on the force measuring machine was directly punched by the boss with a fist mark two centimeters deep!
And this force measuring machine was about to fall apart, it made a beeping alarm, and it started to smoke, and it was blown out by a punch!
This scene scared everyone, dumbfounded.
On the display, a number appeared, 7985!
Seeing this number, there was a huge chilling sound at the scene.
What is this concept?
And the boss just hit it at random.
In an instant, everyone looked at the boss with fear in their eyes.
The boss was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction. He said proudly: “Even if you are a supernatural person, you are also an ant in front of me. Connor, what are you afraid of when I will be in charge?”
After listening to Connor, he calmed down immediately. Yes, he knows the boss’s toughness. As long as there is a boss author, the Chinese is just an ant, even if he is a supernatural person.
At this moment, Lin Ziming had already followed Tony and John’s two bodyguards, coming in this direction, he planned to bring Connor and Smith together.

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