A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 884

Even Lin Ziming was stunned and surprised. He didn’t expect the Lord of the State to throw an olive branch at him like this.
After all, the status of the lord of the state is not ordinary.
In particular, the Lord of the State in front of him has a very profound background. If he has a relationship with the Lord of the State, then his identity will rise with the tide.
Lin Ziming almost hesitated, but the thought flashed in his mind, and he smiled and agreed, “Since the lord of the governor invited him, then it is better for Lin to respect his life.”
The Lord Governor laughed loudly and looked particularly happy.
Half an hour later, Lin Ziming arrived in a relatively old community. He went into the Lord’s house. He was surprised at the moment. He had no idea that the Lord’s might live in such a simple place.
As the lord of the state, how can you live in a big villa!
The governor found Lin Ziming’s surprise. He smiled and said, “Why, do you think I live here?”
Lin Ziming nodded honestly.
“Ho ho.” The lord of the governor smiled slightly, and then said: “You think it’s normal to be surprised. Most people think that I should live in a big villa in order to be worthy of my identity.”
Lin Ziming looked at the lord of the state, from him, he felt a wind of incorruptibility, which was different from other people in power he had encountered.
Moreover, he could see that the lord of the state did not pretend.
Now he felt that there was a few powerful auras, hidden in the surroundings, apparently the guard of the lord of the state, protecting the lord of the state in the dark.
The lord of the state took out the key and opened the door. After Lin Ziming came in, he realized that the house was even more rudimentary and completely ordinary family. If Lin Ziming hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe it was true!
How honorable is the status of the lord of the governor. He is an absolute leader in Province G. Stomping his feet can cause earthquakes in Province G. It is really incredible to live in such a simple residence now.
At the same time, Lin Ziming respected the lord of the state even more.
“A lot of people have given me gifts, no matter how big the villa, I have accepted, but I don’t want any of them, Lin Xiaoyou, you are a smart person, guess why?” After the lord came in, he personally He poured a glass of boiled water for Lin Ziming and asked with a smile, Lin Ziming quickly stood up and took it with both hands.
“I guess, the lord of the state has a clean and honest work style, has lofty ambitions, and dismisses these superficial enjoyments.” Lin Ziming said seriously.
“Hahahaha…” After hearing this, the lord of the governor laughed loudly, “Little friend Lin, you have misunderstood me. I am not so noble, splendid and rich, who doesn’t want to enjoy it? Just, I accept it. Ashamed!”
The lord of the state took a sip of water and said: “Now our country is still developing. There are so many compatriots who are still in suffering and various disasters continue. Where can I have the face to enjoy?”
Lin Ziming was stunned. He really didn’t expect that Lord State Master would be because of this reason. However, he saw the sadness and helplessness in the eyes of Lord State Lord. He knew that Lord Lord State did not intentionally pretend to be. , Is the true thoughts of the lord of the state.
He couldn’t help but shook his whole body, admiring the Lord Governor even more!
“Master, you have done a good job.” Lin Ziming said deeply.
“No!” The governor shook his head and said, his eyes suddenly sharpened, “I can’t do enough! Lin Xiaoyou, do you know how many poor people and how many families there are in our province? Especially in this disaster, how many people suffered? Originally, I could do better, but I didn’t do it well! Lin Xiaoyou, you said that there are still so many compatriots who are in suffering. I am the head of the state, where can I have a face to live? Big villa, eat the delicacies of the mountains and the sea?!”

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