A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 931

She could even join Lin Ziming and find a chance to do Ye Xingchen!
Ye Xingchen soon chased him up. He was strolling in the courtyard, looking particularly relaxed. He looked at the neon clothes that fled hurriedly in front, like cats and mice, and he was very proud. He could clearly feel the realm of neon clothes. , And continue to fall!
He has a whole day to concoct neon clothes without worrying at all.
Moreover, in the past few years, the neon clothes have been smoothly in the Luotian organization, and they often put on airs in front of him. He has long seen neon clothes not pleasing to the eye, and now finally has this opportunity, he naturally has to play the neon clothes well, watching Nishang’s desperate and panicked look is even more joyful, satisfying his abnormal psychology.
“Nishang, if you can’t run away, you should give up resistance and cooperate with me obediently.” Ye Xingchen’s joking voice, like a magic sound, sounded behind Nishang, constantly disturbing her emotions.
Nishang gritted her teeth and said angrily: “Ye Xingchen! I advise you not to go too far. You are killing at the same door. I am from the Western Regions. If you kill me, the Holy King knows about it, he will definitely not I will let you go!!”
However, Ye Xingchen was not afraid at all. Instead, he laughed, “Ningshang, who said that I am going to kill you? I just love you and double cultivation with you. As far as I know, you are still a virgin right now, inside your body. He’s extremely yin power is very strong, and he hasn’t been picked up by a man. If I become your first man, then I will definitely reach the fifth stage of the Innate Realm, the Great Perfection Realm!!”
After he finished speaking, he speeded up again and narrowed the distance with the neon clothes. It was already within ten meters. He could even smell the fragrance from the neon clothes and took a deep breath, especially intoxicated.
Nishang noticed that Ye Xingchen’s distance was getting closer and closer, and she became even more anxious, and at the same time she was especially embarrassed!
Ye Xingchen, this guy, is really too much. He dared to hit her on her. If she changed to her peak, she wouldn’t have to worry about Ye Xingchen at all, and even when she really fought, Ye Xingchen was not her opponent!
But now, when she was in weakness, Hu Luo Pingyang was bullied by a dog.
“Ye Xingchen! You are looking for death!!” Ni Chang cursed, “Also, I am not a very yin physique at all. Even if you and I have double repairs, there will be no effect. Once you move me, it is me. My lifelong enemy, I will never let you go! Ye Xingchen, you know my character, I warn you, don’t mess around!”
Nishang felt her cultivation level, like an hourglass, constantly leaking down, especially she is still running at the limit now, consuming a lot of physical strength, and leaking even faster.
She even started to gasp.
This is something that would never happen if she changed her peak.
Ye Xingchen laughed louder, and now his expression was more playful and even a little distorted. There was a kind of perverted satisfaction. He obviously could catch up with the neon clothes quickly, but he didn’t do this, but came slowly. , Admiring the appearance of neon clothes fleeing in panic.
“Really?” Ye Xingchen said with a smile: “Ningshang, even if you are not an extremely yin physique, it has nothing to do with you. I fell in love with you at first sight. It would be a very good thing if I could double repair with you. So, I think you still Don’t run away, and accept my love for you obediently. Besides, with the good genes of both of us, the child born must be a dragon and a phoenix among people.”
Hearing these words, Nishang was so angry that he was trembling, and he almost couldn’t hold back it several times. He wanted to turn his head and Ye Xingchen desperately impulsively!
She didn’t say a word at all, looking at the buildings that were getting closer and closer, there was a glimmer of hope in her heart…
As long as you hide in, you may be able to delay some time!

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