Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 10

Xi Qingchuan really didn’t come to harass me that night, but I couldn’t sleep well.
I’ve been thinking about where Ni Yizhou has gone, and will something happen? Why haven’t you contacted me for so many years?
Maybe there was nothing wrong with him, but he had a new girlfriend and started a new life.
Then I don’t have anything to worry about. I am already married to Xi Qingchuan.
Although it was a formal marriage, did the fact happen yesterday?
My intermittent broken dreams were completely broken by Qiao Yi’s phone call. As soon as I connected in a daze, her crying voice came.
“Xiao Sheng turned out to be fake, he lied to me, everything is fake. These comrades are all unintentional, all unintentional!”
“What’s the matter? I cried so early in the morning.” I was picked up by the heart that she shouted. I sat up from the bed and looked at the clock on the wall at just over 7:00.
“what happened to you?”
“So that Sen…” She was crying and I had to prick up my ears to hear what she said: “That he knew I was a woman from the beginning, so he lied to me from the beginning.”
“What did he lie to you? Didn’t he propose to you yesterday?”
“Yeah, he proposed to me. It turns out that he married me because he wanted to lie to me to be a same wife.”
“What do you mean? How did you know?”
“Last night he went to the bathroom, and the phone was on the table with no interest screen. I saw the chat history between him and his friends. It turned out that his family urged him to get married, and his parents wanted a child, so he stared at me. Fortunately, I saw his chat history, otherwise I would be fooled into getting married by him. Do you know how miserable it is to be a same wife? Those comrades don’t like women at all, and even hate women and marry women. There was only one purpose when he went back, which was to pass on his ancestry and to hide his eyes and ears, but the fate of the same wife was very miserable and miserable. He was deceived and deceived by his emotions and youth, and finally ended dismal.”
I was more depressed than her, and asked sullenly: “Did you sleep with him?”
“Not yet.”
“Then what are you crying heartbreakingly doing, you have only known each other for less than two days, so you won’t have such deep feelings!”
“The feelings are not so deep, but the feeling of being deceived is really uncomfortable. Xiao Sheng, let me tell you, this life is to marry a pig and a dog, and you can’t find a gay wife. It’s really miserable and miserable. . Why am I telling you this? Xi Qingchuan is not a comrade, fortunately fortunately.”
I am very depressed, who said that Xi Qingchuan is not?
Now there is a super invincible co-wife right in front of her.
I was silent for a moment: “Okay, don’t cry, you two have known each other for a long time, it won’t be so heartbreaking. Next time, let you know people with your eyes and let you not go to such a place.”
“Yeah, yeah, I won’t be going to kill you next time. It’s a bitch who is ruthless and comradeless.”
What she said was really awkward, and Qiao Yi cried enough: “Well, I still don’t have a sleep yet. I want to sleep well, and then forget the scumbag. Fortunately, I only met him for two days. No, it’s painful if I develop feelings for him over time. So, I want to tell you, sisters who might encounter this kind of thing around me, we must get away as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Don’t expect a comrade to fall in love with you, it is absolutely impossible.”
Qiao Yi hung up the phone and went to sleep after speaking, but my heart was really cold by her.
I have no hope that Xi Qingchuan will fall in love with me or something, but I really can’t guarantee that if I have been with him for a long time, I will not be emotionally expected and dependent. .
Things in this world are hard to say.
I was completely drowsy, sitting on the bed and playing with my phone.
When I opened a video website, I saw a push message popping out, and I clicked it. It was a movie about the same wife.
I probably took a look at the profile and said it was a co-wife who discovered that her husband was a comrade after her husband died.
He was with the man he loved for the rest of his life, and finally left all his property to that man, and this woman had already had a puberty-sized child with her husband. I ran out of all my youth for that man, but he didn’t get a little bit of affection for him.
In the film, the same wife is always running and crying in panic. I am inexplicably flustered when I see her, as if I have seen my future.
I suddenly remembered that after the indescribable things we had happened two days ago, there seemed to be no protective measures.
I don’t want to be like the women in that movie in the future.
I immediately jumped out of bed, put on my clothes indiscriminately, and rushed outside. I had to go to the pharmacy to buy the blocking medicine afterwards, hope it would still work.
I ran into Xi Qingchuan in the corridor. He had just left the house, and he was probably going to work.
I ran into him and he didn’t want to apologize. He grabbed my arm with a ferocious expression: “Hurry up and reincarnate.?”
Qiao Yi’s words made me very depressed and uneasy, so I didn’t bother to entertain him, and took my hand out of his hand and ran away.
I counted the time, and it was 48 hours. I remember that there is this kind of medicine that can be used after 48 hours in the pharmacy.
Fortunately, I bought it. I just opened the package at the pharmacy and swallowed it dry. I was choking and rolled my eyes.
When the pill slipped down my throat, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.
If you kill me, don’t be a co-wife, and don’t give birth to Xi Qingchuan.
After much deliberation, this marriage between Xi Qingchuan and I is still dangerous. No matter what his feelings for Xiaoshi, he will not fall in love with me anyway, and I will avoid falling in love with him.
When I walked from the counter of the pharmacy to the entrance of the pharmacy, I made a decision just a few meters away. I want to divorce Xi Qingchuan.
Yes, immediately right now.
I raised my hand and took a taxi and went straight to Xi Qingchuan’s company. The plot is exactly the same as two days ago, the beautiful female secretary still hurriedly stopped me in a hurry to prevent me from letting in. Could it be that there is something difficult for children to play today?
I have more important things to tell Xi Qingchuan today, so I pushed the female secretary away and rushed in.
“Xi Qingchuan, I have something…”
It was only halfway through, and I was immediately stuck in my throat. What did I see?
Just like the scene last time, Xi Qingchuan was lying on the sofa, his trousers fell down to reveal most of his toned buttocks, while Bai Yu was sitting next to him and caressing his buttocks with his hands.
Mum, do you have to be in the office to do this kind of thing?

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