Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 101

I took the phone and walked aside to talk to Qiao Yi, and endured her high octave by the way: “Your voice is lower, and my ears will be deafened by you.”
“You said you said, what’s the matter?”
“Because, because Qin Guan is a partner of Xi Qingchuan, I don’t know how he describes his identity to you, so if it is not very good to say from my mouth, I want him to tell you in person. ”
“Partner? Qin Guan is a businessman? So what?” Qiao Yi said indifferently.
Yes, Joe’s brain circuit has always been different from others.
If she likes someone, she doesn’t care about that person’s identity and profession.
“Uh, well, Qin Guan is Xi Qingchuan’s partner. I ran into him on the boat. I just saw him just now, so I haven’t had time to tell you.”
“Oh, this way.” Qiao Yi’s voice finally calmed down: “Hey, this island is great, Xiao Sheng, if they want to buy pirates to build a playground, I think you can mix it up and cooperate with the big guys to make money. ”
Qiao Yi really has a talent for doing business, but he just wants to be useless.
“Well, I’m going to think about it after I go back. You will help me contact Xi Qingchuan’s assistant to ask for the plan to study it.
“Haha, Xiao Sheng, we are now talking about a tens of billions of big business casually on the phone.”
Qiao Yi is Qiao Yi, and she immediately strayed the core of our conversation.
After I hung up Qiao Yi’s call, I ate the red banana that Qin Guan brought me. It was delicious. It tasted different from the yellow banana. It was very fragrant and soft.
Qin Guan sat opposite me and smiled and watched me eat. His eyes really glowed with love, a bit like a father.
If there is such a father, I think it would be great.
Suddenly feel that life is not so sharp.
I ate and asked Qin Guan, “Do you like Qiao Yi?”
He didn’t hesitate: “She’s very cute, very frank, I like her very much.”
“How do you like it? Qiao Yi likes you like a boyfriend?”
“I know, she told me when I first met her.”
This is Qiao Yi’s style, I am not surprised at all.
“Qiao Yi said, you met at your art exhibition.”
“Yes, Qiao Yi was crying in front of one of my paintings. My staff told me that I went to check it out. She said my painting touched her.”
“Really?” I was surprised, not thinking that Qiao Yi suddenly had the ability to understand art.
Her sense of smell for art has never been very keen. Let her draw the simplest simple strokes. She can also draw like a ghost. So far, she still draws portraits at the level of kindergarten. Every beauty is a big fox with two eyes. Rabbit ears.
“Then I asked her to talk about her feelings, but what she said was wrong.”
“Oh.” This is the correct way to open this story.
“Then she confessed to me, saying that my painting can hit her heart.”
“Qiao Yi’s heart is very good,” I said: “The last time we went to the nightclub, the bartender brother was very fancy bartending, and Qiao Yi also said that she was hit in the heart.”
We looked at each other and laughed.
I sighed: “Qiao Yi is a very simple person. If she likes you, she really likes you.”
“Do you mind if your friend falls in love with an old friend before your mother?”
“No.” I shrugged: “As long as Qiao Yi is happy.”
Qin Guan looked at me deeply, and I suddenly felt that he was actually not looking at me, he was looking at my mother.
“You and your mother are also very similar in character, very considerate of others.”
“Qin Guan.” I called his name: “Did you and my mother fell in love before?”
He looked at me, and the sea breeze blew over our heads, messing up my long hair.
I saw the sadness in his eyes in my hair.
He didn’t answer my question, he just kept looking at me with that smile.
I like Qin Guan very much, whether he is my father or not.
I like the affection and tranquility in his eyes.
It’s very comfortable to be with Qin Guan, even the sun is not so dazzling.
But such a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere was broken after Xi Qingchuan came. He walked towards us, wearing a black super, followed by a dozen technicians, like a gang patrolling the street, really full of aura.
He walked over and stopped: “You can get on the boat. I will rush back to Huacheng before tomorrow morning. I have a meeting.”
His life is filled with work arrangements. I have forgotten that I am also a professional and I will have a job tomorrow.
We got on the boat. Qin Guan was not the same boat as us. I said goodbye to him at the dock, and he waved to me: “Whenever you want to eat wormwood baba, please call me anytime.”
“Hmm.” I just left his phone number and WeChat.
After getting on the ship, Xi Qingchuan and his technicians had a meeting in the cabin. I was going to go to the room to sleep for a while, and Xi Qingchuan called me: “Listen together.”
I don’t understand at all, okay?
“Don’t you want to share a piece of the pie?” He pointed to the chair beside him: “Sit down.”
Perhaps, this is my best opportunity to learn, I cheer up and sit down.
They are talking about technical matters, how to develop the entire island, how to spend the least money to show the best scenery, not to destroy the original ecology of the island, how to build the resort.
“What’s your opinion?” Xi Qingchuan asked me suddenly.
I was stunned for a moment: “Huh?”
“Are you dreaming? Don’t say you didn’t even hear a word just now?”
“No, I listened.” I licked my lips: “As for how the resort was built, I think I can refer to the architecture of the aboriginal people on this island. I think their architecture is very distinctive, and it has lasted for so many years, so it is reasonable to live Sexually, it’s definitely okay.”
A technician nodded: “Mrs. Xi’s suggestion is very good. I also found that their buildings are hollowed out at the bottom and higher than the ground. There must be their reason.”
“This is not the main problem, I’m talking about planning.” Xi Qingchuan looked at me: “Do you understand the planning?”
I shook my head: “I don’t understand.”
Xi Qingchuan tilted his head to a technician, and he immediately said to me: “I will send you some books on architectural planning later. Take the time to read it.”
“No.” I instinctively refused.
I hate reading books about architecture the most. I can’t understand a word at all, okay?
I was very worried. I felt that I was pulled into a big pit by Xi Qingchuan and couldn’t climb up.
I could still understand the first half of their meeting, but I couldn’t keep up with it getting faster and faster. I had to turn on the recording function of my phone and record everything they said.
Xi Qingchuan speaks very fast, and I think these technicians must be the elites trained by him, otherwise they can’t keep up with his rhythm at all.

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