Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 102

When I got off the boat, the sky was already white. I was dragged off the boat by Xi Qingchuan while I was asleep.
It was another three-hour drive to return to Huacheng. When I got off the bus, it was already bright and the sun was shining on my face. I covered my eyes with my hand and looked at the sky.
Xi Qingchuan got into another car directly: “I’ll go to Xi’s.”
Then the car drove him away.
He doesn’t need to sleep. I had a meeting last night. In the middle of the night, he finally showed kindness to let me go to sleep, but he was not full of sleep and his head was still dizzy.
The driver asked me: “Where is Miss Xiao going?”
I looked at my watch. It’s already eight o’clock, and it’s just right to go to Xiaoshi now.
What to do, go back to take a bath and sleep or go to work?
When I was struggling, Qiao Yi called: “Xiao Sheng, Bai Yu sent me the plan. When will you come to the company?”
So fast? Boyu’s work efficiency is really too high, such a comparison seems like a waste of firewood.
I am too embarrassed to go back to make up for sleep: “You take a set of clothes in my suitcase, I will go to the company to change.”
“What else is needed?”
“Toothbrushes and skin care products.”
I arrived at Xiao’s less than half past eight, Xiao’s went to work at nine, and I was the president of the work in this morning, the security guards saw my jaw dropped.
“President Xiao, are you so early?”
“Ah.” I nodded to him: “Morning.”
My front foot is up to Ruan Ling’s back foot. I still don’t sit still. She has made my coffee, and there are sandwiches: “The president is here so early, and I don’t have breakfast. Now that’s it. I’ll do it next time. Be prepared. You will come to have breakfast and let me know at any time.”
After Qiao Yi came here, I brought my dental appliances. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face and change clothes. Qiao Yi leaned back and drank my coffee: “Xiao Sheng, let’s go shopping for clothes after get off work at noon.”
“Look at any of your clothes that has the domineering style of a domineering president?”
“Why do you want to be an overbearing president?”
“Are you the president?”
“The president is not domineering and who is domineering? Your clothes are too lethal.” She tugged on my coat: “I will accompany you to buy it after get off work at noon. First fill up your office closet. You can change it at any time. .”
When we came out of the bathroom, we just ran into Xiao Lingling and Xiao Shi.
They didn’t work in the company before, but now I heard that they are all heads of Xiao’s branch.
It must be the stepmother who asked them to come, which makes me weaker.
I don’t want to fight against them, can I make Dad’s company well together?
I took the initiative to say hello to them: “Eldest Sister, Second Sister.”
Xiao Lingling always looked at me with white eyes: “Don’t, Yezi, you and we are not the same dad. Your dad is the addict who came here last time. What, he asked you how much money you want? Don’t think about us. Take one cent of the family’s money and give it to your scumbag father.”
“Xiao Lingling.” Xiao Shi interrupted her: “Don’t say this in the company.”
“Jiang Tian is not my father.” I said, “I did a DNA test with him. He is not.”
“Your mother married him and you are not Jiang Tian’s daughter. Your mother’s private life is really messy!”
“Xiao Lingling, your mouth is full of feces!” Qiao Yi yelled and was about to push Xiao Lingling. I stubbornly held Qiao Yi: “Forget it, let’s go back to the office first.”
Xiao Shi also took Xiao Lingling away, and we went back to the office.
Qiao Yi’s chest was still rising and falling in anger: “I really want to tear Xiao Lingling’s mouth.”
“Forget it, I still don’t expect to establish friendship with Xiao Lingling in the future!”
“You are really naive. Xiao Lingling has bullied you for so many years. Now you have 30% of Xiao’s equity, and she only has 10%. She can’t wait to swallow you when she sees you, and builds Friendship, it would be nice not to tear you apart and swallow you.”
“Don’t think about being friends with the wolf.” Ni Yizhou’s voice sounded at the door.
“Brother Boat.” Qiao Yi greeted him: “Just like Xiao Lingling, it’s at best a shame, Xiao Shi is a wolf.”
“Don’t say that about Xiaoshi.”
“Only you think Xiao Shi is a good person.”
I was speechless, but when Ni Yizhou came, my heart was set.
Qiao Yi showed us the plan for developing the island, pointed to Qin Guan’s name and said, “My boyfriend.”
“Qin Guan, a very powerful entrepreneur who started from nothing in other provinces a few years ago.” Ni Yizhou looked at the plan carefully: “Xi Qingchuan has a very good vision. Choosing to cooperate with such a person should be foolproof.”
“He is still a very famous painter, and his paintings are superb.” Qiao Yi was busy selling melons.
“Is he really your boyfriend?” Ni Yizhou was confused: “He is not young anymore, he is about fifty years old.”
“In front of love, what is age?”
“In Qiao Yi’s eyes, as long as she likes interracial.”
“You mean I can fall in love with a gorilla if I see it right?” Qiao Yi hit me with an elbow. She was so powerful that she knocked me aside with one elbow.
Ni Yizhou supported me: “Qiao Yi, you can relax a little, Xiao Sheng is not like you are an athlete.”
“Sorry, Xiao Sheng, I am a little stronger, and you are too weak. Do you remember the grappling I taught you last time? Practice a set and show me!”
“Qiao Yi, this is the office.” I can be regarded as a nominal CEO anyway, and if someone sees me practicing in the office, it will be utterly ashamed.
Qiao Yi laughed and hooked my neck: “Tell you Xiao Sheng, your identity is different now, and you have to protect yourself. You can’t rely on those bodyguards. You can’t rely on it. From now on, I will practice with you every day after get off work. Start with the simplest self-defense technique.”
I quickly turned the subject off, Qiao Yi always wanted to make me like her, but I was not the material.
“Can Xiaoshi invest in this island project?”
“It looks like a very good project, it is very promising, and it is not a loss.”
“Really?” I was very excited to hear what Ni Yizhou said, and I wished to sign a contract with Xi Qingchuan immediately.
“But,” Ni Yizhou said, but I was nervous: “The capital investment is also amazing. You just joined Xiaoshi, even the CEO can’t use this large amount of money, and the other directors of the group probably won’t stand by you. .”
“However, the opportunity to cooperate with Xi Qingchuan and Qin Guan is rare.”
“Your stepmother will talk to Xi Qingchuan and will never let this business fall into your hands.”
Qiao Yi and I looked at each other, and then yelled at the same time: “In a meeting, let everyone know now!”

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