Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 104

“It’s delicious.” I said, “you make the same taste as your mother.”
“You like to eat, just tell me anytime, I can make it for you anytime.”
“Really.” I took a big bite and almost choked.
He patted me on the back: “Eat slowly, or we will go to the seats to eat instead of eating at the toilet door.”
“Hmm.” I was vaguely holding a large mouthful of kueh kueh.
Just about to look up and walk forward, I suddenly saw Xiao Shi standing at the other end of the corridor looking at me in surprise.
She definitely felt that she had seen a scene that she shouldn’t have watched. Qin Guan and I looked very close, and he had just helped me pat the back.
I was wondering how to explain to Xiao Shi that it was not the kind she saw, but I couldn’t say that Qin Guan’s relationship with my mother, because everything is still unclear, and I don’t want others to misunderstand that my mother’s personal relationship is chaotic.
In short, while I was still thinking, she had already turned and left.
When I got back to my seat, she kept looking at me with an unbelievable look. When my eyes met her, she immediately diverted her eyes.
This is a bit embarrassing.
Qiao Yi saw the small lunch box in my hand and opened it directly: “Hey, wormwood kueh kueh.” She took out one and stuffed it in her mouth: “Where did it come from?”
In front of so many people, I don’t know how to explain it.
Qin Guan was generous and generous: “I heard that Xiao Sheng liked this very much last time, so I made some before I came here.”
“It’s delicious.” Qiao Yi nodded straight: “How to make four, it’s not enough to stuff your teeth.”
“Don’t eat, this is lunch.” I pulled the lunch box back and closed the lid.
Originally, I thought that about the wormwood kueh kueh, but Qiao Yi was still chattering: “Qin Guan, how do you remember what Xiao Sheng likes to eat and don’t remember what I like? I am still your girlfriend.”
Xiao Shi’s slightly surprised gaze turned to Qiao Yi again.
The complicated relationship between us is enough for her to ponder all day.
This is the first time I have participated in the lunch meeting, which is to talk about business while eating. It is really easy to indigestion.
Xiaoshi studies art, not finance, but she is clear and logical, and is a good manager.
Qiao Yi really made me admire. She must have inherited her father’s genes. She had no way of getting rid of her usual stupid look. She talked with Xi Qingchuan and the others, and the insights they put forward made Xi Qingchuan look at her with raised eyebrows.
Only me, totally outside.
Qiao Yi hit me with his elbow: “Are you listening?”
“Listening, listening.” I nodded like garlic.
“Uh.” I really can’t tell the difference between Type A and Type S construction.
Qiao Yi knew that I didn’t understand when I saw my blank eyes, she gritted her teeth: “After get off work, make up for it.”
In fact, I listened attentively, taking notes, and recording all of them with the recording function. Some places are like highlighting when I was in school, and they were drawn with red curves.
I think the red curve part looks like ocean waves. I suddenly remembered the sea the night before. Xi Qingchuan and I sat on the bed and watched the waves outside.
I started drawing with a blue ballpoint pen, drawing blue waves, white waves, and light gray seagulls.
I should learn art. I can paint and sculpt anyway, but I just studied finance.
I can draw different colors with a single blue ballpoint pen, anyway, the colors seem to be different at first glance.
Qiao Yi was pulling my ears: “Xiao Sheng, what are you doing?”
Ni Yizhou next to me took my notebook and sighed sincerely: “Xiao Sheng, you paint really well.”
“Ho.” I laughed at him.
Qiao Yi snatched a glance and threw it to me: “We are in a meeting, can you please be careful?”
“Very diligent.” I said: “You are too professional. I just went to paint as I listened.”
Qin Guan also took it over and took a closer look: “You are really good at painting. If you like to paint, I have all the painting tools, you can come and get it at any time.”
I suddenly remembered that Qin Guan has another identity as a painter. I am an amateur painter. Although I have learned to paint, I am not a professional. However, the layman still looks quite amazing. Does that mean that I am genetically inherited?
Because Qin Guan paints very well, so I also paint very well?
I was lost again, and Xi Qingchuan tore off my painted paper and woke me up.
I looked at him blankly: “What are you doing?”
“Xi Jinyuan participated in a painting class when he was five years old. The average level of the children in his class was like this.” He held my drawing paper in his hand, and then formed a small group.
Xi Qingchuan has always been in this style. Only when my dignity is crushed on the ground can I be happy.
“Xi Qingchuan, Xiao Sheng is very talented. She has been able to paint since she was a child, and her brother Xiaoxiao, which she drew in college, was as small as now when he grew up.” Qiao Yi was enthusiastic: “Brother Xiaoxiao, I will paint tomorrow. Bring it to you, it’s still in my house now!”
Ni Yizhou was surprised: “Really?”
I was a little embarrassed, and my face blushed.
I like to draw portraits of people, and I draw people close to me, such as Qiao Yi, such as Dad.
But Qiao Yi always couldn’t sit still, his buttocks seemed to have thorns. As soon as she pressed her on the chair, she would twist around like a bug, so I was not very successful in the portrait of Qiao Yi.
Dad, he is so busy, I can’t bear to take up his rest time, so every time I paint him, he sits in a chair in the study, and he falls asleep while I paint.
Therefore, most of the fathers I paint are asleep.
As for Ni Yizhou, I drew it by imagination and photos. When he was eighteen years old, I imagined that his eyebrows should be thicker, his nose straighter, and his eyes more determined.
In fact, there is a little difference from the current Ni Yizhou, only an artistic idiot like Qiao Yi feels the same.
I was thinking about it but I didn’t know where my thoughts flew.
Suddenly Xi Qingchuan pinched the back of my hand, and I called out in pain, “What are you doing?”
“Listen attentively and learn, don’t always be an idiot.”
I was angry, and only Xi Qingchuan thought I was an idiot.
The lunch meeting ended perfectly after the last dessert. Although I heard it in the clouds, it was still rewarding.
Qiao Yi dragged my chocolate cake: “Xiao Sheng, why did you take a bite? If you don’t eat it, I will eat it.”
I want to keep my stomach and eat wormwood kueh kueh, glutinous rice will not taste good after a long time.
Xiao Shizheng drove, and Xi Qingchuan dropped by to see her off. Ni Yizhou and Qiaoyi shared a car with me.
Before Qin Guan left, Qiao Yi still got tired of him: “You have been very busy recently, so don’t you ask me?”
“Ask you on the weekend to see an art exhibition.”

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