Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 11

“Xi Qingchuan, I want to divorce you.” This sentence was held in my mouth, and I couldn’t vomit it and swallow it.
I really didn’t expect that history would repeat itself.
The glamorous female secretary had no expression on her face, Xi Qingchuan got up from the sofa, pinched a ball of paper from the coffee table and slammed it at me, right between my eyebrows.
Xi Qingchuan is a good athlete. He plays golf and billiards very well, so I won’t be a problem.
I rubbed my sore eyebrows, who made me feel too anxious, but who thought that he would be broken by me once and never repent, and it made me broken a second time.
But, what should I do in such an embarrassing scene?
Bai Yu blushed and walked over to me and whispered in front of me: “Miss Xiao, I and Mr. Xi…”
“It’s my fault, I should have experience.” How can I let Xi Qingchuan’s cutie apologize to me? I sincerely apologize to him: “Next time I burn my ass, I will knock first. The door comes in.”
“Actually it’s not what you saw.” His face was even redder, and it made me ashamed.
“No, no, no.” I shook my hand hurriedly: “I can’t see anything, nor can I see you touching his ass.”
“Boyu!” Xi Qingchuan’s voice was going crazy, like the thunder of a second before the heavy rain.
Boyu and the secretary slid faster than I thought. As the door closed, I found that there were only two people in the room, Xi Qingchuan and I.
The air was cold, lightning and thunder.
I swallowed my saliva and looked at Xi Qingchuan who was walking towards me step by step.
“Don’t bother me, see you later.” The person who knows the current affairs is the Junjie, and I will say it quickly.
As soon as I turned around, Xi Qingchuan’s hand pressed against the door, and the other hand was locked.
The door lock clicked and my entire scalp was numb.
He was laughing.
Xi Qingchuan is an exceptionally split person. When he laughs, it does not mean that he is happy.
Of course, he must be angry when he is angry.
His shirt collar is not buttoned, and I can see the huge chest muscles and the chocolate-like abdominal muscles at a glance.
Fortunately, he is bisexual, or is it a violent thing.
“Today is considered to have settled the adultery between me and Baiyu?” He smiled and I was dizzy, and didn’t dare to look at his eyes.
I can see myself in his eyes, standing upside down, at a loss in his deep eyes.
Just like me now, at a loss.
“You said it yourself.” I couldn’t help but continue: “I will keep it secret for you. It sucks in my stomach. I will never say it.”
His hand squeezed my shoulder, heartache.
It seemed that he was about to crush my shoulder. Under the pressure of the pain, I just said nonsense: “Who told you to do this kind of thing without locking the door? I didn’t accidentally hit it. Besides, I don’t want to see this. Scenes, I never read a novel when I read it.”
“Do you discriminate against homosexuals?” He grinned predictably.
“Don’t buckle me such a big hat, I can’t afford it.” I broke free from his palm: “I will come in without knocking on the door and I will apologize to you, but I’ve bumped into it anyway, it’s not the first time. Don’t be so angry.”
He was so angry that he seemed to be so angry. I suspect that he has broken his brain with anger.
He let go, went to sit behind his desk, and lit a cigar.
The cyan smoke curled up, blocking him and me, like a barrier, making me feel safe.
I cleared my throat, since I’m here, of course I have to say something.
“Then what, Xi Qingchuan.” I licked my lips: “Say a happy thing to make you happy.”
He didn’t smoke his cigar between his fingers, and he was extremely perverted.
Look at his well-dressed appearance, such a human face and animal heart.
He didn’t have an expression and I continued to say, “Xi Qingchuan, let’s get a divorce!”
My words were not thunder, like a drop of water falling into cotton, Xi Qingchuan didn’t even react at all.
He took a sip of his cigar and expelled a smoke ring, magnifying it in front of me, feeling able to hold my head.
He raised his eyebrows: “What are the happy things you said?”
“this one.”
He raised his eyebrows again: “Is it happy to tell you this, or am I happy?”
“Everyone should be happy!”
His hand paused. I was worried that he would lose me with the cigar in his hand, but probably because the cigar was very expensive, he thought I was unworthy, so he didn’t lose it.
He extinguished the cigar with tea and threw it in the ashtray, turned on the computer, and replied casually: “The contract is not available, there is still half a year, get out.”
“I know, but I don’t think our marriage has to extend to half a year.”
“There is no need for this, I have the final say.” The light of the computer was printed on his face, like a highlight, like a little white face.
A good-looking person is easily forgiven for saying anything annoying. I put my hands on the desk and looked at him.
I swallowed, “I know I annoyed you just now, but we don’t have to drag it like this.”
“Reason,” he said suddenly.
“What reason? The reason for divorce?” I gaped, thinking for a long time: “No.”
“I have a reason not to divorce.”
“I’m quite satisfied with your body, and I plan to continue using it for half a year.” He pointed to my chest.
I immediately covered my neckline, even though I was wearing a stand-up collar shirt today, there was no neckline at all.
“I’m not furniture.”
“I treat you as furniture.” He lowered his head again: “Get out, I’m working.”
Negotiating with Xi Qingchuan is a dangerous thing, but with Qiao Yi’s warning, I think it should not be too late.
Therefore, evil came from the guts: “Xi Qingchuan, if you don’t divorce me, I will tell grandma about you and Baiyu.”
His hand that was sliding the mouse suddenly stopped, and my heart came to a sudden stop with his hand.
I feel like I have said something wrong, will I not be able to get out of his office today?
He raised his eyes and looked at me: “What did you say?”
I don’t dare to say it again if I’m killed. Forget it, today’s momentum and courage are not online, I’ll go back to brew it and talk about it.
I turned around and heard Xi Qingchuan’s voice: “Stop.”
I’m a fool to stand at this time, I didn’t turn around, heard the sound of his getting up and walked towards me.
I hurried to the door, Xi Qingchuan grabbed me.
To be precise, he pulled the shoulder strap of my underwear.
Uh, it’s embarrassing, so embarrassing, okay?
Because I ran too fast, my shoulder strap was stretched like a bow, and my whole body weight was on this thin shoulder strap.
I came out in a hurry in the morning and ran out after wearing an underwear with a transparent shoulder strap. This kind of shoulder strap is easy to break and can’t bear my weight at all.
“You let go.” I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t open my mouth.
With a “pop”, the shoulder strap broke, and the end tucked on my shoulder, and my chest became cold. My underwear slipped from the shirt and just fell between my and Xi Qingchuan’s feet.

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