Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 119

I called Xi Qingchuan, he was very quiet on the other side, and I didn’t know if he was at home.
“Hey, you Ye Ye Shengge don’t plan to come back?”
“I’m in the traffic police team and my driver’s license has been revoked.” I honestly said.
“You seem to be very unlucky lately!” He gloated, “You called me because you wanted me to come and fish you.”
“Whatever you want, I called you anyway.”
I hung up the phone and sat in the traffic police squad. I guess they saw me very pitiful. They poured water on me and asked if I was cold, and turned off the air conditioner when it was cold.
Xi Qingchuan arrived half an hour later. When the traffic police team saw him, they didn’t dare to say anything, and asked him to take me away after calling a fine.
My car was waiting quietly in the courtyard of the traffic police team. Xi Qingchuan got on the car, and I was still standing outside.
He honked his horn: “Are you planning to spend the night in the traffic police team?”
I got in the car and fastened my seat belt.
I kept talking, and my body was cold because of the wind. I closed the car windows and raised the roof.
I won’t be able to drive anymore from tomorrow. I have to learn again, which is really unlucky.
When people are unlucky, everything happens.
I closed my eyes and Xi Qingchuan was driving.
Suddenly he said: “What, do you think friendship is nothing more than this?”
I still don’t speak, and don’t want to listen to his cynicism.
“Oh, she gave that portfolio.” He said in a relaxed tone: “When I gave it to her in the evening, she took it without even a slight hesitation, Xiao Sheng, you can’t choose a friend with your eyesight, I still I thought it would take a little bit to chase Qiao Yi, but I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”
I looked for earphones all over my body, then plugged my ears, and still couldn’t find the music I wanted to listen to, but Xi Qingchuan pulled the earphones out of my ears: “You don’t want to listen to things also happened.”
“What do you want? Prove that what you said is right? Are you bored?”
“I want you to recognize the world. Isn’t it what you think, or is it true, good and beautiful?”
Xi Qingchuan’s handsome face looked colorful under the light of the instrument panel.
I glanced at him and then turned my face and looked out the window. It was early in the morning, and there were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road.
What if he is right?
It is estimated that this matter, he will laugh at me for a lifetime.
But fortunately, I don’t have to live with him all my life.
At the red light, I took the portfolio directly from the back seat, took out the divorce agreement, and looked for a pen in my bag.
Anyway, he will leave sooner or later. It’s rare that he agrees to divorce me now, and it’s gone.
However, as soon as I took out my pen, he snatched it and threw it aside.
“What are you doing?”
“Our contract time has not yet arrived. I just let you know that there is no real friendship in the world. I don’t really want to divorce you now.”
“Then I am not worth the loss. I can’t get rid of you if I lose my friends.”
He smiled: “You know what a joke, it seems you won’t commit suicide.”
I don’t have suicidal tendencies, and he is afraid that I won’t be mad this time.
Back at Xi’s house, before entering the room, Xi Qingchuan said to me, “Xiao Sheng.”
“Yeah.” I was listless: “Is there anything else to ridicule me? I said it all at once.”
“I built a digital city before, and a robot venue will open tomorrow.”
“So what?”
“It was named after Qiao Yi and it was given to her. Would you like to come to the opening ceremony?”
I looked at him for an instant, “Is it a bit worthless for you to pay me such an expensive tuition in order to let me see the friendship clearly?”
“I can get it back anytime, she doesn’t manage it well.” He smiled particularly treacherously.
If he is not good-looking, he is definitely the super villain in the movie.
I turned around and went into the room, and the door slammed loudly.
I wish I could hit his nose and break the bridge of his nose.
I found that every time I was provoked by Xi Qingchuan, I was particularly violent.
Sure enough, Qiao Yi didn’t come to work the next day, and even the morning meeting didn’t open.
It is estimated that she won’t stay here long. After Xi Qingchuan proved that I and Qiao Yi are not really friendly, I am afraid that she will soon dump Qiao Yi.
I don’t think I can stand myself facing her every day.
I even thought about how to fire her.
Suddenly I felt that the friendship between girls was really fragile.
Don’t talk about love, even a marriage with Xi Qingchuan that is not in love can withstand the separation.
Qiao Yi called me, but I hesitated or answered it.
Her voice was very happy, always heartbroken: “Xiao Sheng, today my robot stadium opens, you come soon.”
“I’m working.”
“It’s not going to be off work soon, I have extended the time specially for you, you are coming soon!”
“Joey, I…” I don’t know what to say to her.
She was reluctant and reluctant on the phone: “Xiao Sheng, if you don’t come, I’ll come and pull you right away, believe it or not?”
I believe, I really believe.
I packed up and got up. Ruan Ling was at the door when I went out: “President Xiao.” She hesitated to say, “You want to go out?”
“Yeah.” I nodded, “Yes.”
“Are you going to the opening ceremony of Miss Qiao’s robot stadium?”
“how do you know?”
“She has already notified each of us, that all the things are over, and there are red envelopes to take.” Ruan Ling gritted her teeth: “She’s really enough.” She endured for a long time and said: “It’s not enough. Face.”
I lowered my head and looked at my toes: “Qiao Yi is like this, heartbroken.”
“What kind of heart and lungs, she is not a fool, she is a normal person, no matter how careless her friend’s husband is chasing herself, don’t know how to avoid suspicion? Must go up?” Ruan Ling was filled with indignation: “She is too much!”
“Aren’t you going?”
“I’m not going, President Xiao, you don’t go either, she just showed off in front of you, I think she was jealous before you married Mr. Xi, now it’s easy to find a chance to take revenge.”
really? Qiao Yi is really like this?
What about our friendship, how about the relationship that grows up together?
She is as important as my parents in my life!
I watched Ruan Ling for several seconds, and shook my head with her: “I’m leaving.”
When I walked to the corridor, I saw Xiao Lingling and Xiao Shi together.
“Do you know why the female secretary is so embarrassing for you?” Xiao Lingling should have heard the conversation between me and Ruan Ling.
She blocked my way: “It’s because the person Xi Qingchuan is chasing is not her. She is jealous. If Xi Qingchuan is chasing her, she sees her or doesn’t she say that?”
“Xi Qingchuan’s charm is so great?” I didn’t want to talk to Xiao Lingling, but I really have questions.
“Yes, for choosing a golden turtle son-in-law, the relationship between subordinates and superiors is a fart, and friendship is a fart?” Xiao Lingling was very happy to see me so miserable: “Before you and Qiao Yi were wearing a pair of pants. Now you know what it feels like to betray!”

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