Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 121

I would never laugh if Qiao Yi said: “You even called the media. Did you know that Xi Qingchuan is stingy? If you play him like this and scold him as a scumbag, and now you find the media to shoot him, he will definitely kill him. you.”
“He didn’t dare to kill me.” The more he thought about it, the more proud Qiao Yi got. The skewers didn’t come up and he opened a bottle of beer and gurgled up half a bottle: “Fuck! Xiao Sheng!”
She was so impassioned and passionate about me.
I also opened a bottle of beer. My drink was average, but I couldn’t stop my pride.
I also drank a half bottle in one breath.
“Xiao Sheng, do you know that I had been with Xi Qingchuan a few days ago, and I looked at his pretense, I really want to kill him with the soles of my shoes.”
“It’s only you who want to kill him when you are with him, and the other women throw him down.”
“I pooh, and threw him down, he thought he was beautifully bubbling?”
“Seriously, are you really indifferent to him chasing you like that?”
“Xi Qingchuan is not my food.” Qiao Yi said seriously, “Didn’t I have a boyfriend, Qin Guan, I am loyal.”
Yes, how could this stupid sister Qiao Yi be moved by Xi Qingchuan.
“Then you fooled him all those days?”
“Of course, for today, how cool, Xiao Sheng, did I avenge you?”
“I’m so sad about the way you looked last night.” She raised her neck and blew the bottle: “I cried in the middle of the night, almost holding back wanting to call you. Later, I was held back. It was just a night’s thing. Will you be happy today?”
“You play him like that.” I was really worried about Qiao Yi.
“Hey.” She patted me hard on the shoulder, almost slapped me to death: “Xi Qingchuan dare not move me no matter how strong, when my boyfriend and my dad are vegetarian?”
“Who is your boyfriend or goddad?” I suddenly thought of a serious question.
Qiao Yi blinked: “They can worship the handle.”
“Fuck you!” With Qiao Yi’s brain circuit, how could I worry that she was really attracted by Xi Qingchuan?
I thought about it and felt that I was very narrow, put down the wine bottle and hugged Qiao Yi: “But, I’m really angry with you, I thought you were tempted by Xi Qingchuan.”
“Human nature.” She touched my head pityingly: “It’s okay. If you don’t misunderstand, it means my play is not true. How, how is my play?”
I think about it carefully. It’s not that Qiao Xie’s play is good, but that everyone feels that there is no one who can resist Xi Qingchuan’s pursuit.
Who makes my Qiao Yi not an ordinary person?
The more I thought about it, the more proud I got, and I stamped a chapter on her forehead.
She proudly put on my lipstick mark and continued to drink.
Then, I was half drunk before Ni Yizhou came.
Later, Ni Yizhou came, and I fell crookedly, and he supported me worriedly: “How are you? Why do you drink so much.”
Ni Yizhou’s good-looking face swayed in my sight. I wrapped his arms around his neck and was so happy: “Xi Qingchuan also said to let me see the world clearly. Hahaha, he only met a few people and thought he knew the world. Everyone in the world? He said that there is no true friendship in the world, and that’s because he has never been in contact with true friendship!”
“Xi Qingchuan is too arrogant, this is a lesson for him!”
“Qiao Yi, how can you drink too much Xiao Sheng?”
“Hey, there’s still no food yet, she woke up after a flick.”
In fact, I was more thoroughly drunk when it was skewered, and I drank while skewered.
However, I was drunk, but there were no fragments, and I was always sober.
Ni Yizhou seemed to have changed my beer, and all I drank later was soda, which tasted differently.
But I am so happy today, drinking soda can make me drunk.
Qiao Yi and I drank this wine from noon to afternoon, and then decided to seek refuge at Qiao Yi’s house.
Xi Qingchuan was slapped by Qiao Yi today, and he will definitely ask me to settle the account.
So I will go to Qiao Yi’s house to sleep tonight.
But I didn’t think that when Qiao Ye and Ni Yizhou supported me from the Chuandian side by side, a big tall man stood at the door.
The sun was still dazzling at three or four o’clock in the afternoon. I squinted and looked up. Qiao Yi whispered to me: “Quickly, Xi Qingchuan is here to block us.”
The arrogance that I said just now is full of pride, but now her tone has changed.
Xi Qingchuan walked up to me and dragged me to him.
I looked up at him, his face was very ugly.
It’s strange to be slapped by Qiao Yi today and his face looks good.
Without a word, he dragged me to his car.
Ni Yizhou came to stop: “Xiao Sheng.”
“I took my wife home, but I didn’t even say you got her drunk.”
“It’s not drunk, it’s happy celebration.” Qiao Yi was yelling: “Xi Qingchuan, you mean villain, want to separate me and Xiao Sheng, you want her to be lonely, don’t dream of you, what’s your heart?”
“Joe, your slap, I will count it with you later.”
“You treat me as afraid of you, so forget it now!”
I’m really afraid that Qiao Yi is now fighting with Xi Qingchuan and will go with him knowingly.
Qiao Yi waved to me: “If Xi Qingchuan bullies you, call me, I will wash the Xi family.”
Ni Yizhou covered Qiao Yi’s mouth and dragged her away.
I was thrown into the car by Xi Qingchuan. I don’t know what he will do to me, but I am very happy.
Of course, I am not happy that Xi Qingchuan was robbed, but my Qiao Yizhen was robbed.
When I drink too much, ho ho ho ho and laughing, the whole world is so funny in my eyes.
The most funny thing is Xi Qingchuan, who looks very helpless when he blows his beard and stares.
Thinking of how he was stunned when he was slapped by Qiao Yi on the stage today, I was almost exasperated.
Take a closer look at his left cheek as if there are still faint fingerprints.
Qiao Yi’s hands are both basketball players and boxers. If she fights against Xi Qingchuan, she won’t necessarily win.
Xi Qingchuan held his arms and looked at me ho-ho-ho giggly, anyway, as long as he can look at it, I can laugh for as long.
After I woke up the next day, I realized that I was scared. I stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked up and down to see where I was injured.
Xi Qingchuan was too angry to beat me while I was drunk.
But fortunately, I didn’t find it, and I didn’t feel any pain.
I sat on the bed trying to remember what happened afterwards, how I got home, what Xi Qingchuan told me, but I just can’t remember.
After breakfast, I went to the company, and when I went to the garage, I remembered that I didn’t have a car, and I won’t be able to drive anymore.
Xi’s family is at the foot of the mountain, and I have to go very far to take a taxi.
After thinking about it for a long time, I went to the housekeeper and wanted a car to take me to work.
The butler happily agreed, let me wait for a while, and then send me a car.
I couldn’t believe it, I always felt that Xi Qingchuan would definitely embarrass me.

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