Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 122

Surprisingly, the butler really sent me a car and also a driver. The car is the latest business model, and the interior decoration is super high-end. After sitting in it, I feel like a queen.
The driver is also polite, bowing is the one with a 90-degree deep bend, and the forehead must touch the belly button.
I was flattered and hurriedly returned the courtesy. Fortunately, my flexibility was good and I could touch my belly button with my forehead.
But when I got in the car, I kept muttering, I was really afraid that the driver would drag me where.
Along the way, I was sneaking at people from the corner of my eyes, but the facts proved that I was a gentleman with a villain’s heart. The driver sent me to the door of the company safely.
Did Xi Qingchuan let me go so easily? I couldn’t believe it. Maybe he just didn’t convey this. I thanked the driver and walked into the gate.
As soon as I walked in, I heard Qiao Yi calling me from behind.
I stopped and waited for her. She ran over to take my shoulders in a few steps, and walked inside affectionately. The security guard and the front desk lady saw our eyes staring.
I suddenly remembered what happened to the reporter yesterday. On the way here this morning, I rummaged through my phone and found that there was a new article about Qiao Yi’s slapped Xi Qingchuan yesterday. It’s no wonder that their expressions might be because they don’t know what exactly it is. I thought Qiao Yi took Xi Qingchuan and I called her a brother and a brother, not a sister and a sister.
In their eyes I seem to be a big fool.
I said to Qiao Yi, “Why didn’t things of yesterday appear in the news?”
“God knows how good Xi Qingchuan’s public relations are.” Qiao Yi gritted his teeth: “Obviously it was the person I found, but none of them were sent out. Fuck.”
She was swearing again: “I gave them the money back, those unscrupulous reporters, if my dad releases the news in the future, don’t expect any of them to have first-hand information.
I patted Qiao Yi on the shoulder: “It doesn’t matter if you send it out, people like Xi Qingchuan will report it. If everyone else sees the scene, we will have a hard time in the future.”
“Why are you so afraid of him? Isn’t he just a person, and he’s not a devil.”
“You are mistaken, Xi Qingchuan is even more terrifying than the devil.”
Qiao Yi and I walked out of the elevator talking and laughing, and happened to ran into Xiao Lingling and Xiao Shi.
Seeing the two of us hooking our shoulders on our backs, Xiao Lingling’s Baiyanren was about to fly to the horizon. Xiao Sheng stopped.
“Should I inform my colleagues in advance, don’t call you Mrs. Xi again when you see you, your wife will soon change hands, maybe it’s the one next to you!”
“What are you doing?” Qiao Yi put my shoulders on my shoulders and smiled: “Is it because Xi Qingchuan isn’t chasing you, so you are jealous and hateful?”
“I was married!” Xiao Lingling’s attention was deflected by Qiao Yi in a second.
Qiao Yi laughed loudly: “Sister, please look in the mirror more, your dignity, I don’t think Xi Qingchuan’s taste will be too high, you have confidence in yourself, it seems that Not a good thing.”
“Xiao Sheng!” Xiao Lingling stamped her feet with anger. She couldn’t quarrel with Qiao Xie and ran to attack me: “I have seen an idiot. I have never seen you such an idiot. My husband will be taken away by others, you You still be friends with her. When will someone crawl on your head to poop and pee, do you still need to prepare toilet paper for them?”
Xiao Lingling’s analogy is always so unappetizing. I don’t want to fight with her in the company. Qiao Yi’s fighting strength is so great that I am ready to fight with Xiao Lingling. I hurriedly dragged her away.
When dragged into my office, she was still filled with indignation: “Why do you have to let that Xiao Lingling every time, how awful she said!”
“Don’t pay attention to her.”
“She is instigating divorce, and she doesn’t understand the feelings of the two of us. So no one who has tasted friendship will never know that there is real friendship in this world, and that Xi Qingchuan, I doubt him. There are no friends at all, or else I’ll be tricked by people!”
“Who can play Xi Qingchuan?” I murmured.
“Who said there is no such a painful comprehension if someone has been injured?”
At this moment Ruan Ling brought tea in, and she froze when she saw Qiao Yi’s smile, and her tone of voice to Qiao Yi seemed not as enthusiastic as before.
She put my tea on the table: “President Xiao, your tea.” Then she left the office.
Qiao Yi called to her: “Ruan Ling, where is my coffee?”
“Ms. Qiao, it is reasonable to say that you are the assistant of President Xiao, and I am the secretary of President Xiao. Our two positions are the same. I have no reason to serve you. If you want to drink coffee, you can do it yourself. ”
Ruan Ling gave Qiao Yi a haughty back, opened the door and walked out.
Ruan Ling is a very conscientious and gentle secretary. It was the first time I saw her like this. It was quite unexpected.
Qiao Yi pointed to the closed door, opening his mouth for a long time without speaking.
“This Ruan Ling, this Ruan Ling, she actually fucked me!”
“You are right,” I pressed her on the chair: “It shows that Ruan Ling is still a person with a sense of justice. I called her in to explain the situation to her clearly.”
Qiao Yi took my arm: “Stop talking, let’s do it!”
“Why?” I don’t quite understand.
“Isn’t the entire Xiao family ignorant of what happened? Then just look at who, what is, and what is a ghost. If there is someone who will flatter me in the future, then this person will behave like one in front of you. Like a flower, you can’t keep it. It will be a disaster in the future. Ha, Xiao Sheng, I found that I have become a touchstone. Do you think I’m worth the money?”
“It’s a priceless treasure.” I squeezed her face: “Whatever I want to eat at noon, I will listen to you, and reward you.”
“Xiao Sheng, are we two acting okay?”
I sat at the table and turned on the computer. There is still a lot of information to read today: “What play?” I am not very enthusiastic.
“It’s the kind of sisters who look good on the surface, but stabbed each other behind their backs,” her eyes sparkled with excitement: “Doesn’t everyone think that I grab Xi Qingchuan now? Then let them just let them? Think of it this way, how about the two of us who are playing the plastic flower sisters who are at odds with each other?”
“Who has the skill to play with you.”
Qiao Yi was keen on acting when she was in college. There were many theater companies in the university. She signed up for each of them, but the acceptance rate was surprisingly low. Because Qiao Yi’s performances were exaggerated and the performance traces were too heavy. Brush it down.
Qiao Yi was very unconvinced, and said every day that he would hone his acting skills, and let her father invest her in making movies in the future.

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