Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 145

There is the sound of paper, without the scalpel I imagined.
I opened my eyes and took a peek, Xi Qingchuan held a piece of paper in his hand.
I carefully identified it, and it seemed to be the divorce agreement we signed earlier.
What do you mean, he wants to divorce me?
This seems to be a good thing.
I was still not happy for too long. I saw that the two fingers of Xi Qingchuan’s left hand pinched the left side of the paper, and the two fingers of his right hand pinched the right side of the paper. Pulling hard, the paper split in half.
I looked at him blankly, my mind stopped moving since he came in, and I looked like an idiot at the moment.
“Why do you want to tear it off?” I asked him like a fool.
“It doesn’t matter if your starting point for doing this is to divorce me, but I can tell you now that contractual marriage doesn’t exist anymore.”
“Huh?” I was extremely demented.
“In other words, we will not divorce after half a year.”
“It can be said that the decision to divorce is with me. If I don’t want to, we can’t divorce for the rest of our lives.”
“Huh?” I was mentally retarded, watching the piece of paper fall into pieces and falling under my feet, as if I just understood it a little bit.
Oh, it was probably Xi Qingchuan who used this to retaliate against me. He knew that I wanted to divorce him, so he refused to accept my reason.
However, this matter is not so important at the moment.
As long as he doesn’t kill me for the time being, the divorce will be discussed in the long term.
Does that mean Xi Qingchuan left my life?
He shouldn’t bypass me easily. Everyone knows this matter. Will it affect his image? Do you want to do some image public relations?
Oh, he didn’t divorce me probably because of this, and I need Mrs. Xi to help him fill the scene!
My mind was finally able to turn around, and I hurriedly tried desperately to talk to Xi Qingchuan so that the gaffe of this matter would not develop anymore. When necessary, I can make sacrifices, such as playing a loving couple with him. Although I think this is not good.
Now that the whole world knows it, it might as well make it public.
I still didn’t open my mouth, and Xi Qingchuan’s phone rang.
He glanced at it and immediately frowned, and I also looked around courageously. It was Dad Xi who called.
Needless to say at this time, Xi Qingchuan will be questioned by Dad Xi.
I express my deep sympathy.
But love can’t help.
He connected and stood in front of me to answer: “Hey, Dad, I’m free, I know.”
He spoke briefly on the phone and then hung up.
Although I don’t know what Dad Xi said on the phone, I dare not ask.
“Don’t bother you, I…” I was violently dragged towards the door by Xi Qingchuan before I finished speaking.
“What are you doing, Xi Qingchuan.”
“What do you say? The whole family wants to question me, how can you, the initiator, stand by?”
“It’s none of my business!”
He dragged me out and looked at me coldly: “It’s none of your business?”
Uh, I shut up immediately.
However, what is the use of him pulling me back? What can I explain to him? I am at best a victim.
Qiao Yi didn’t know where she went, and I didn’t see her when I needed her.
I talked to him at the elevator door: “Xi Qingchuan, I think you might as well be brave. Anyway, it’s the same. You think so, I didn’t help you. I didn’t have the courage to help you finish it. wish.”
“I still have a lot of courage to fulfill my wishes, you also help me to complete them?” His angry face changed color, as if it were purple.
“I see my ability.” My voice was timid.
“You can. Now the whole world knows that I am gay. Didn’t you say that I am an androgynous? Then just let the whole world know it too.”
“What are you doing?” I looked at his face approaching me, panicked.
I wanted to hide but didn’t hide. He pinched my chin accurately and then kissed me.
This is the elevator door in the corridor. The elevator is turned on and off, and there are many people coming in and out.
There are also many people in the corridor.
There are also people coming in and out of the office.
He doesn’t care, his kiss is fierce, and he wants to swallow me.
I didn’t dare to struggle, for fear that his devilish hair would take me out of here.
He was going to explode with anger, and he could do anything.
I was very, very confused.
I heard a lot of voices that let me take a deep breath, and Yu Guang caught a glimpse of many female colleagues who were afraid to look openly, but they all hid aside to peek.
Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of someone from the corner of my eye.
Wearing a snow-white professional dress with a long black shawl, there will never be the cold expression of a second face in the company.
It is Xiao Shi.
I struggled hard, I didn’t want Xiao Shi to see me and Xi Qingchuan so close.
Last time I told her what I was having with Xi Qingchuan, but isn’t it just slapped me in the face now?
However, his perverted state, the more I struggled, the harder he tried to confine me in his arms.
Where am I his opponent?
His pupils are so dark that I can’t find my shadow in his eyes.
He kissed me and warned me: “You better cooperate, otherwise I don’t know what I will do next?”
I stunned, staring at his dark eyes dumbfounded.
“Hold me, hug my neck.” He ordered me.
I had to stand on tiptoe to wrap my arms around his neck, and if I continued like this, the female colleagues would suck their breath to death.
I heard Xiao Shi’s voice: “Do you have to be like this in the company? You can go home if you are affectionate.”
I thought Xiao Shi would go away, her personality has always been like this.
Xi Qingchuan finally let go of me, and I almost couldn’t breathe.
I was embarrassed to find that there was my lipstick on Xi Qingchuan’s lips. Fortunately, the color was not dark.
I took out a wet wipe from my bag and gave it to him, and he took it over and wiped his mouth without changing his face.
Xiao Shi stood in front of us and looked at us: “Now that the Internet has been blown up, I don’t think Xi Dong is still in the mood to have a romantic relationship with his wife.”
“What does it matter to me?” Xi Qingchuan also sneered, pulling me straight into the elevator.
He spoke to Xiao Shi so stiffly, did the two quarrel?
I was pulled into the elevator by him, and the elevator door slowly closed, closing the faces of many people.
Xiao Shi’s face is exceptionally white.
I don’t know if it is because of her original skin color or because of what happened just now or today.
I don’t know if she knew about Xi Qingchuan’s sexual orientation. If she didn’t know, it would be a blow!
She must be very confused, because Xi Qingchuan has frequently shown love to her before, giving her so many gifts, and the pair of rings.
How do I feel that I have become a cannon fodder? What’s the matter with me in this!

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