Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 15

I followed the gang of fans and looked at the door of the venue, and saw Xi Qingchuan coming in from the door. He was wearing a black dress and a purple bow tie. No wonder my grandmother let me wear a purple dress. It turned out to be a match for me. Lovers.
Some people do have their own brilliance, such as Xi Qingchuan, he will feel that the already glorious hall is even more splendid when he comes out.
I even heard the suppressed screams of the woman next to me.
“Xi Qingchuan, Xi Qingchuan, Xi Qingchuan!”
It’s a rhythmic and emotionally whispered cry, and my brain buzzes with it.
I shrank into the crowd, hoping that he would not see me.
I shrank to the dining area. There are so many delicious foods, but my dress is too tight. I dare not eat more. I’m afraid that my belly will bulge out and the dress will be squeezed by the waistline. Then I will be embarrassed. .
I was walking through the food, Xiao Shi suddenly appeared in front of me, looked at me from top to bottom, and then nodded, “Very beautiful.”
“Thank you.”
“I didn’t come here to praise you specially. Aunt Xi asked me to ask you. If you are not sure about the opening dance of the meeting, I can help you dance. Of course, I am not stealing your limelight. Aunt Xi asked me. .”
“Well, you help me to jump.” I couldn’t ask for it.
After Xiao Shi finished speaking, she turned and left. Her back was really beautiful, as beautiful as a painting.
Suddenly there was soreness in my waist, and I looked back at Qiao Yi, pinching my lower back.
“It’s so painful, what are you doing?”
“Why do you give the opportunity of waiting for the first dance to Xiao Shi?”
“I haven’t jumped for a long time, what if I get embarrassed?”
“How can you get embarrassed? Besides, Xi Qingchuan will take you with you.”
“No more.” I rubbed my nose: “There are so many delicious foods here.”
“Look at how good you are.” Qiao Yi stomped her feet in hatred for iron and steel, and looked at her, wishing to rush over to bite me.
The dinner began, the lights were dim, and everyone’s face was not as clear as before.
Xi Qingchuan never came to greet me from beginning to end, but I was also happy to be at ease.
With the sound of music, people unanimously vacated a space in the middle of the hall, and then a beam of chasing lights hit the middle of the dance floor.
When Xi Qingchuan stepped onto the court, thunderous applause rang out as soon as he stood firm.
The host introduced sensationally: “The first dance was led by Mr. Xi, the executive director of the Xi Group. Who is his partner?”
Another beam of chasing lights circled the top of the crowd, and people looked forward to it, as if they were going to a casino to play that slot machine and seeing if the one that fell was the pattern they wanted.
I just hid in the crowd and took a peek at Xi Qingchuan. He stood in such a bright chasing light, and I could see any subtle expressions on his face.
He is still so calm, and those of us who are calm seem to cease to exist.
I admit that Xi Qingchuan is the proud son of heaven. Whether it is a girl or other people around him, he is always admired or envious and hated.
Just like Qiao Yi said, only I can have such close contact with Xi Qingchuan or I am still alive, and I don’t know the blessing in the blessing.
She didn’t understand me, and the people around her were too bright, but it made me more dull and dull.
The light beams above my head are flickering, and I am shrinking in the crowd to enjoy myself. Anyway, I will just eat and eat today, and I will just go back after the dinner is over.
The beam of light finally stopped on Xiao Shi’s head, and the lily became more noble and more beautiful under the eyes of everyone.
She smiled and took a step forward in the enviable eyes of everyone. I was about to applaud with the others. Suddenly, my back was pushed hard, and then I staggered forward several steps.
As a result, Xiao Shi did not come to the dance floor, but I passed by first.
I looked back in astonishment and searched the crowd for the culprit. I saw Qiao Yi grinning at me with a big grin and talking to me. I understood. She said, “You can do it.”
Me, be a ghost!
There was an uproar in the crowd, I even heard someone say: “Who is she!”
In this short instant, I saw the faces of many people.
I saw my stepmother, frowning, her very white face was made whiter by the afterglow of the chasing light, like a ghost.
Next to her is Xiao Shi, she looked at me with a condescending, cold, and disdainful gaze.
And mother Xi, she was very angry. At such a highly anticipated moment, my appearance made her very embarrassed.
If it only takes a few seconds for me to run back, I apologize to everyone and I’m sorry I can’t stand still.
However, the eyes of these people hurt me deeply.
Qiao Yi nodded at me, waved me over.
Maybe it’s because I have lived in Xiao’s family for so many years. When my dad was not at home, I was the one that was ignored by everyone. Whether the housekeeper or servant, besides the old gardener who treated me kindly, no one had looked at me squarely.
I turned my head to look at Xi Qingchuan. He had an expression on his face. He just stretched out his hand to make an inviting gesture, but neither was facing me or Xiao Shi.
I closed my eyes. In fact, I can dance. Although my childhood was turbulent, because my stepmother forced my mother to take me to hide in Tibet, but she was very caring about me and asked a teacher to teach me all kinds of talents. With dancing, my mother is good at dancing, so she often teaches me.
After my mother passed away, I went to dance classes held by a friend she knew. I am not a student, I am a training partner and a teaching assistant, earning a little pocket money.
However, no one knows.
I don’t even say Qiao Xie, if I just say that I don’t have money, she will sell me a lot of money.
Dad is often not in Huacheng. It is even more difficult to get pocket money from Xiao’s housekeeper, so every time Dad asks me if the money is enough, I always say enough.
I stiffened my back. Originally, I wanted to hide, but so many contemptuous glances aroused my fighting spirit.
I walked towards Xi Qingchuan and put my hand in his palm.
He glanced at me lightly, not surprised or questioned, put his palm on my back waist, and just asked me: “Waltz will do?”
I am especially good at fast three. My mother used to say that I jumped up like an elf peacock.
The music continued melodiously, and I listened to it for a while and told him: “Vienna Waltz, also called Quick Three.”
He raised his eyebrows, held my hand with the other hand, and hummed in my ear: “I hope you will jump up as well as you say now.”
He doesn’t believe that I can jump, but he is demeanor if he doesn’t push me away.
I danced with Xi Qingchuan, and after a few steps, I saw that Xi Qingchuan’s eyes were full of surprise.
He wasn’t the only one present, everyone including Qiao Yi didn’t know that I danced so well.
Xi Qingchuan and I were spinning in the center of the hall, and I saw the faces of many people again.
Xiao Shi and stepmother’s same stunned face, Xi’s mother’s incomprehensible face, and sister-in-law’s jealous face, only Qiao Yi was giving me a thumbs up.
I turned my head and dropped my waist gracefully. When Xi Qingchuan lowered his head following my dance steps, I whispered to him: “You made a wrong shot. I will help you correct it.”

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