Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 154

“I’m afraid that if I say the wrong thing, it will be hard to get over the water, and I will be split in half by you.”
“I don’t see that you are quite exciting. The jade carving is not the chairman’s wife, right?”
“Well, it’s been carved a long time ago. Suddenly, I felt that it was very similar to his wife, so I asked Driver Liu to bring it.” I looked at him with trepidation, “I didn’t send it wrong, right?”
“When my wife is happy, I know she likes it.” Xi Qingchuan actually took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe my sweat: “You performed well today and your head is flexible. I will be rewarded.”
His voice is very gentle, and the action of wiping my sweat is also very gentle. Although I know it is for others to see, I still feel like a lake is filled with water in my heart.
A little rippling.
“What reward?”
“Well, you will know.” He suddenly squeezed my chin and unexpectedly kissed my lips: “Reward.”
I disdain: “I refused to say this earlier.”
He actually laughed. He smiled very happily, rubbing his thumb on my chin: “I’m very pleased to see that you are not stupid at home.”
Which one needs his comfort?
I got out of his arms: “I’m going to the bathroom.”
The smell of Huadiao wine on Xi Qingchuan’s lips remains on my lips.
Sour, sweet, bitter, and slightly astringent.
This is the taste of Xi Qingchuan, who has always been so entangled.
When I came out of the bathroom, Xi Qingchuan unexpectedly waited for me at the door.
I got goosebumps: “Your PR is too blunt, too fake.”
“How do you know that I am not sincere?” He held my arm: “This place is a bit slippery. I found that your high heels are too thin.”
Is he so considerate?
I will believe it for the time being!
Back at the table, the chairman and his wife were listening to Pingtan with relish. This is a large section, and the whole section of singing has no pause. It sounds very enjoyable.
The chairman smiled and said: “My wife doesn’t understand, and I don’t know Yuanyuan. I just think it sounds good.”
“This is a part of Baoyu’s night exploration.” I said: “It is about Jia Baoyu in the Dream of Red Mansions visiting the sick Lin Daiyu at night. The style of Pingtan is graceful and ethereal, and the lyrics are also beautiful and desolate. The first sentence is midwinter, cold dew. It was frozen, and the moonlight was dying. A gust of wind penetrated into the bones, and the Great View Garden in Wudong Cave was deserted. A short paragraph can portray Baoyu’s mood at the moment, the gradual defeat of the Grand View Garden, and Lin Daiyu’s serious illness.”
I’m really not showing off, I just love watching these messy things. It happened that Dad took me to listen to this episode, so I went back to study it.
The chairman and his wife listened very carefully. Later, Xi Qingchuan could hardly speak. I translated the whole story and all the lyrics into Japanese for the wife to listen to.
She was very happy, holding my hand and asking repeatedly: “Xiao Shengsang, can you sing!”
“I’m afraid I can sing badly.”
“Sing a paragraph in Japanese.” The chairman was excited.
Xi Qingchuan also looked at me and didn’t intend to speak for me, probably because he wanted to see how I ended up.
I was so happy just now, now I am embarrassed.
I thought about it: “It’s ok to sing, but only in Chinese, because the translation of Pingtan into Japanese will be nondescript, and the beat will be inaccurate.”
The wife doesn’t mind: “It doesn’t matter, you just sing in Chinese.”
I really went up and sang a short paragraph, which was the one where Baoyu went to visit Lin Daiyu and the two of them had a conversation.
Pingtan must be sung in the Zhousu dialect. My singing is not standard, but I can barely listen to it.
I like the long section of Jia Baoyu exhorting Lin Daiyu to sing sincerely and heartily.
“Sister, you have been so troubled in your life, why should you be too despised. If you have any concerns, just say, I and you are united… I advise you to rest early and rest late at night. The sickest person is the most. It is not easy to grind at dusk.
In this passage, I can feel Jia Baoyu’s affection for Lin Daiyu, and I also have tears in his eyes.
When I finished singing, there was thunderous applause from the audience, and even the Pingtan actors shook hands with me: “I didn’t expect you to sing so well.”
I said: “Where and where, I just sing non-professional.”
The lunch at noon ended in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. The lady held my hand and stood in front of the car for a long time without letting go: “Xiao Shengsang is the most perfect Chinese woman I have ever seen.”
The buckle of this hat is too big, and my calves tremble.
We sent away the chairman and his wife, and I breathed a sigh of relief when the breeze blew.
Today’s public relations is successfully completed, I hope Xi Qingchuan can be satisfied and spare my life.
“Let’s go.” I turned around wearily: “I’m back to Xiaoshi.”
He took my arm and pulled me into his arms.
I sighed: “So what? One day of PR today is not enough?”
“I ordered the Huaiyang restaurant.”
“It is also my decision to have dinner with the chairman and his wife.”
“But you arranged it very cleverly, giving gifts and singing pingtan, it seems you arranged them all.”
“Are you complimenting me or something?” The sun was dazzling, and I could only squint and look up at him.
His expression is still peaceful: “Guess.”
“I guess you are quite satisfied.”
“Are you still very confident in yourself? You didn’t look like an angry bag before?” He dragged my hand up: “Get in the car.”
“I’ll let Driver Liu send me to Xiaoshi.”
“Who said to go to Xiaoshi?”
“Where to go then?”
“Didn’t you say rewards?”
I was pushed into the car by Xi Qingchuan. He likes to sell Guanzi. Forget it, I won’t ask.
I leaned against the window and looked out the window. The sun beats the fire outside, but it warmed people’s hearts a little bit.
“Xiao Sheng.” He called to me.
“How can you sing Pingtan?”
“It happened that Dad took me to watch it, so I went home and started a video to learn how to sing.”
“Grandma’s birthday is a few days away, you can also choose a passage to sing to her.”
“Grandma doesn’t like Pingtan, she likes Peking Opera.”
“is it?”
“Grandma likes Qin Xianglian’s performance the most, but I don’t think it is suitable for singing at the birthday banquet.”
“It doesn’t matter, as long as she likes it, there is no taboo. What does Qin Xianglian say?”
“You are still not Chinese, and you don’t know such a famous selection as the quintessence of the country?” I even dared to spit out Xi Qingchuan: “Qin Xianglian and Chen Shimei!”
“I know this.”
“It’s weird if you don’t know, Chen Shimei is now more than just a person’s name, he is the representative of the scumbag who has always been chaotic and abandoned.”
He curled his lips and did not comment, the sun was shining on his side face, it was so beautiful.
Xi Qingchuan and I can finally communicate normally, which is gratifying.
I found that the car was driving towards the old town, and when I saw the house where my mother and I used to live, I seemed to understand a little bit what the reward Xi Qingchuan said was.
I jumped out of the car and ran to the small building, and found that there were many people working in it.
I turned my head and asked Xi Qingchuan in astonishment: “What are they doing?”

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