Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 155

“Help your mother’s house restore.”
“But, how do they know what it was like?”
He rushed forward and raised his chin, and I noticed that a large drawing was spread on a table.
I ran over and took a closer look. The drawings were similar to the original appearance of the house where my mother and I lived.
“How do you know the original look of this house?”
“I saw the drawing you drew in your office. You finished it but you are not very professional. If you don’t have a professional engineer to do it for you, your drawing can never be used as a construction drawing.”
Although I don’t know when Xi Qingchuan discovered it, I am still very happy.
“When can it be done?”
“The whole construction team is doing it, the slowest is half a month.”
“Thank you, thank you Xi Qingchuan.”
“Put away your gratitude face.” He is really difficult to deal with, and I thank him for not appreciating.
“Said it is a reward for you.”
“There is also a swing here.” I pointed to a corner of the yard and said, “Just here, I don’t have time to paint the swing.”
“You finished your painting. Give it to me.” He stood under the eaves, and the wind blew his silk shirt. Suddenly I felt that Xi Qingchuan fits well with our small building.
“When it’s installed, I invite you to come and have tea.” I said.
He looked back at me: “Just drinking tea?”
“What do you want to drink?”
“At least hot pot.”
“Do you also eat hot pot?”
“Why don’t I eat?”
Well, although Xi Qingchuan always doesn’t answer my words well, I am very happy.
So, in a good mood, I took him around on the lawn outside the house.
“Here, it turns out that my father repaired a basketball hoop, but I didn’t know when it was there. Qiao Yi’s house was there!” I pointed to the high-rise building across the road: “It has been demolished over there, Qiao Yi’s house. Nothing.”
“Not all people in the world are so nostalgic.”
“That’s because all of Qiao’s memories are by her side. It’s not like I can only see things and think about people.” I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan is listening carefully. He lowered his head and kicked the pebble hidden in the grass. Far away.
“Over there.” I pointed to the river: “When I was young, Qiao Yi and I had a boat there to fish for shrimps. The shrimps were so stupid that they were so easy to catch the bait. Every time I caught a small bucket, I went home and my mother fried shrimp for us. cake.”
Now that I think about it, it’s beautiful and sad.
“How long have you seen Ni Yizhou?”
“Eight years.”
“Do you know that eight years can change a person?”
He is here again, I don’t want to listen.
He sat down by the river, his back was so handsome, I couldn’t help but sit down beside him.
“Do you love Ni Yizhou?” He asked nonchalantly, and I immediately watched him defensively away from him.
“I’m just asking.”
I swear not to answer.
“We exchange questions, you can also ask me an emotional question you want to know.” He looked very amiable.
I thought for a while: “Then I will ask you first.”
He shrugged and said it would be my way.
I wanted to ask a question a long time ago. Although it’s not my business, the thirst for knowledge buried in my heart has long been overwhelmed.
“Boyu and Xiaoshi, who do you love more?”
After the question, I was afraid that he would beat me, but he held his cheek with his palm, his mental state was very stable, and he was not thinking about it at all: “The two of them are placed in the same position in my heart.”
He is really fraternity.
“But, isn’t love the only one? Even if it’s not, at least two people have to be in different levels. How can they be exactly the same?”
“This is the second question.” He looked at me: “It’s up to you to answer.”
I took a deep breath, okay, just answer.
“When I was very young, I played with Ni Yizhou every day. I just felt very happy to be with him. Later, I separated. After I grew up, I realized that this kind of relationship is…” I searched for the most suitable word in my head: ” Attachment is probably this kind of emotion, and then sublimation is love.”
“Attachment?” He suddenly sneered from his nose: “Your taste is so heavy, you are actually attached to a scumbag.”
He also said that Ni Yizhou is a scumbag, he loves men and women, and he treats everyone equally, he is a scumbag.
“Don’t slander him, there is no real evidence.”
“Do you want real evidence?” He looked at me and smiled, “I can give it to you at any time if you want to see it.”
Suddenly I was embarrassed, and my heart beat the drum.
I found that although my mouth is hard, I still have no bottom in my heart.
After all, as Xi Qingchuan said, eight years have passed, and many, many things should have happened to a person.
Now it’s time for me to ask: “Then what are you going to do with the two of them, just dragging them?”
“Did I say that this game is not finished?” He picked up a small stone to stand up, and threw the small stone away.
The pebbles jumped several times on the edge of the river before falling into the river.
He left after throwing the stone, and I followed him depressedly, feeling cheated.
His answer to my question was no answer, but he seemed to know everything he wanted to know.
I chased after him, and he turned his head to look at me as he walked: “Only those who make the rules of the game can take the initiative. When you can make the rules of the game, you can take the initiative.”
“Forget it.” I am dispirited: “I will lose no matter what game.”
“You love being a loser all the time?”
“Life is not only to win or lose. If you don’t want to bet, why turn your life into a competition?”
“Sometimes, you don’t gamble, but you are already in a game, so you are destined to be a loser.”
Loser is loster, whoever fights with a cock like him will win everything.
We walked past my mother’s small building and took a look. The workers inside were renovating in full swing. I am looking forward to what it will look like in half a month.
I sincerely said to Xi Qingchuan: “Thank you.”
“This is not a gift.” He said coldly: “I said that this is a reward, just like training a dog. If you catch a Frisbee, you will have meat and bones. If you can’t catch it, you can only eat dog food.”
Although he felt like cursing in his heart, he still had to keep a smile on his face.
When we returned to Xi’s house, Xi Qingchuan just answered the phone, and I walked in alone.
Mother Xi was in the living room, and I called out: “Mom.” I was about to go upstairs.
She called me: “Xiao Sheng.”
The voice was cold, with anger hidden.
My heart sank suddenly, and subconsciously guessed that it might be related to what I was photographed last night.
I stopped, lowered my head and looked at my toes: “Well, I’m here.”
“In the past few days, our Xi family is making entertainment headlines every day, you know?”

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