Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 157

I was stunned to witness Xi Qingchuan fall, and he fell before I could not get him, I could only scream.
This is the fourth floor. He is not Superman. Will he fall into an omelet?
My ears were all filled with my own screams, until another voice stopped me: “It’s so noisy.”
It’s Xi Qingchuan’s voice, can he still speak?
Was he thrown to death?
Or is it like Zhou Xingxing of the Variety Star, his whole body is blown into dregs, only a mouth is left?
I was holding on to the railing and looking down with trepidation and saw Xi Qingchuan hung a branch from the tree.
Oh, he is still dead, I breathed a sigh of relief.
“What are you doing there?” I asked.
“Guess.” He was angry.
“Why are you jumping down?” I asked him.
“Why are you jumping down?” He asked me back.
“I don’t want to jump off, I just want to climb over the railing and touch the leaves.”
There was an expression on his face that he wanted to swear the swear word he had learned all his life, but he still held back: “Touch the leaves?”
“Hmm.” I nodded sincerely: “Touch the leaves.”
“You are sick?”
I thought about this question carefully: “There should be no such thing.”
“Xiao Sheng!” He was going crazy: “What kind of leaves do you want to touch when your brain is broken? You want to touch the leaves and go to the garden downstairs to pick up a lot!”
“Aren’t you trying to save me?” I just realized it. No wonder Xi Qingchuan rushed over just now, probably not stopping the car, and the railing was too short for him. The person fell.
“You are wrong.” He grinned, “I want to push you down and add to the flames.”
“I’ll call someone.” I said immediately.
“Why?” Is it cool to be hung there? He is on the third floor, quite tall, but he can climb down slowly, but his suit jacket is caught by a branch and now he can’t break free. At this moment, he is holding the tree with both hands and there is no way to undress.
“Anyway, don’t!” he growled.
Could it be that he felt embarrassed like this and didn’t want others to see it?
I think Xi Qingchuan’s self-esteem is a bit too overwhelming. If something goes wrong, he would rather save his face than ask for help.
“Then what can I do?”
“Turn back from outside the railing!” He gritted his teeth.
“Are you afraid of me falling?”
“I’m afraid you will drop me down!”
I honestly turned back and looked at him holding the railing: “Then what do you do now? I’ll find a stick.”
“Do you think I fell into the water?” He hugged the tree like the most ferocious koala.
“You go to the tool room in the garden to find a flower pruner. There is a long stretchable flower pruner. You use it to cut off the branches that hang on me.”
This was a good idea. I ran downstairs and suddenly stopped.
Why should I look for flower scissors? I can go to the third floor. I remember that I have a guest room downstairs and no one lives.
I ran to the guest room on the third floor and ran to the terrace. Ha, Xi Qingchuan and I were so close at hand.
He saw me appear on the third floor for a moment, and I laughed with him: “You don’t need to be so troublesome with flower scissors, you hold my hand, I will drag you over.”
“You don’t know anything about my strength.” His white teeth are grimly: “I will drag you downstairs.”
“It’s dangerous to use flower scissors well.” He scolded me when I was about to step over the railing.
“What are you doing?”
“I want to step over the railing to save you!”
“You go back to me!”
“Go back, how can I save you?” I insisted on turning over the railing, grabbing the railing with one hand and reaching out to Xi Qingchuan with one hand: “You grab my hand.”
“I will pull you off.”
“Then I will grab your sleeve, and you will retract your hand and take off your clothes.”
He glared at me, perhaps thinking that my idea could barely work, he hesitated for a while and reached out to me.
I tried to move forward and finally reached his sleeve, and then I pulled it hard: “Xi Qingchuan, pull your hand back hard!”
My idea is that if I grab his sleeve, he can pull his arm back, then the clothes fall off his body, and he can climb down the tree.
However, the ideal is full, but the reality is skinny.
When I pulled Xi Qingchuan’s clothes hard, I actually broke the branch hanging on his clothes, and then he lost support, holding the tree with only one hand, and then fell down.
I didn’t expect this scene to come. I held on to the railing dumbfounded and watched Xi Qingchuan fall on his back.
The garden of his house was carefully maintained. The trees under the trees were illuminated by green lights. When Xi Qingchuan fell, the branches were broken by his body, and the leaves were flying all over the sky. There was an indescribable and miserable beauty.
I watched him fall on the ground and groan like a beast before I came back to my senses.
“Xi Qingchuan! Xi Qingchuan!”
I was going to be scared to death because he didn’t answer me.
He won’t fall to death, will he?
He fell just now because he would be wrong to save me, but this time it was 100% because of me.
I ran downstairs crying and ran under the tree in the garden, and found Xi Qingchuan lying on his back on the ground.
The green light shone on the tree, and his face looked extraordinarily pale.
I squatted down beside him, shaking my hands trying to touch his face: “Xi Qingchuan, you died so miserably…”
“Don’t call me mourning.” He closed his eyes and squeezed this sentence out of his teeth.
Fortunately, he is still alive, I guess he is dead, because although he fell from the height of the third floor, but there are many branches to block him, the weight of gravity cushioned a lot.
“I’m going to call the doctor.” I tremblingly tried to stand up, this time he stopped me and just asked me.
“What reason are you going to find?”
At this time, I still need face, I think hard: “I said you helped me pick the flowers and then fell down?”
This reason is better than thinking that I committed suicide to save me and I was too powerful to throw myself down!
He didn’t seem very satisfied: “What flowers are there on this tree? This is a big elm tree.”
“Yu Qian’er,” I said, “I see that there is Yu Qian’er on this tree, you can eat it!” I got up from the ground: “You should stop picking it up. If you drag it on, I don’t know what will happen. thing.”
I don’t know what happened to him. In case of a fracture, if the broken bone pierced into the internal organs, then he would be dead.
I’m dead too.
I rushed to find the housekeeper, but I ran into the gardener in the garden. I was incoherent but insisted on being brief and concise: “You three young masters fell from the third floor.”
“Ah, why did the Third Young Master go to the third floor?” The gardener was shocked.
“No, he fell from the fourth floor to the third floor.” The more I talked, the more chaotic I jumped: “Oh, hurry up and call for an ambulance.”
“Xiao Sheng!” Xi Qingchuan’s voice floated in the huge garden, like a lonely ghost.
“What are you doing?” I stopped.
“Don’t call an ambulance.”

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