Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 159

Xi Qingchuan must have been stupid. Not only did he not beat me, but he was so gentle to me.
It’s over, he’s insane.
How can he manage Xi’s in the future if such a smart person is stupid?
No matter how open-minded, Mom and Dad Xi would kill me.
“Why do you wipe your tears more and more?” He sounded angrily: “Don’t cry, Xiao Sheng.”
In order not to affect the doctor’s treatment of the wound, I held back tears.
The doctor gave him medicine after treating the wound: “These abrasions are not serious. I can change your dressing every day, but I can’t take a bath or exercise vigorously these days. I have bruises on my shoulders and need to be rubbed. ”
“I will.” I volunteered: “My father used to have a bad waist, so I deliberately went to learn Tuina.”
The doctor looked at me: “That would be better, because the Third Young Master is very difficult to take care of, so he will turn his face when I am too strong.”
It seems that the doctor is familiar with Xi Qingchuan and speaks freely. It is also possible that he knows that Xi Qingchuan has no way to turn his face, so he can speak freely.
The doctor gave some precautions after taking the medicine and left. I sat on the floor in a daze and watched Xi Qingchuan’s miserable appearance.
Because he couldn’t wear clothes after taking the medicine, he lay half-naked on the bed like a big toad, a little pitiful.
“Do you want to drink water?” I asked him.
“You get up first.” He said, “You look frustrated when you sit on the floor.”
He was really unforgiving, he couldn’t move his whole person, and his words were so unpleasant.
I got up from the floor and poured a glass of water, then found a straw to put it in and handed it to his mouth: “Drink some water.”
He disliked it: “Children only use straws.”
“Who said that, adults can also use it under special circumstances, such as you now.”
He still refuses to drink, I really don’t know what he is insisting on.
“It’s not an adult diaper, it’s just a straw. You can only die of thirst if you don’t drink it.”
At this moment someone knocked on the door, but the housekeeper was outside: “Master San, are you better now?”
“Go open the door.” Xi Qingchuan was annoyed: “Don’t let him howl at the door.”
I went to open the door, and the butler stood at the door with a worried look: “Grandma Third, Master Third has nothing to do, right?”
“You can swear, there should be nothing wrong.” I said.
The butler nodded: “I will tell the kitchen to stew some nourishing soup.”
“No.” Xi Qingchuan almost yelled: “Steward, don’t tell anyone about this, or you will kill you.”
Xi Qingchuan is really strange, is it embarrassing to fall from a tree? What can’t be said.
He is gay and tells the world that he doesn’t care, what’s the matter with this kind of thing.
The housekeeper nodded and went out, and I found myself covered in leaves and crying messy on my face.
I looked at Xi Qingchuan: “Can you stay alone for a while? I’ll go back and wash my face and change my clothes.”
“I’m not going to die by myself.” He turned his face to the bed.
It seems that he did not fall worse and heavier.
When I walked to the room where Qing Chuan was present, I ran into Xi Jinyuan head-on.
He saw me rushing towards me very happily: “Xiao Sheng,” every time he saw me he was so excited: “Look at my skin.”
He stretched out his arm to show me: “The color is already very pale. I applied the medicine myself when you came back late last night.” He looked aggrieved, as if applying medicine was my duty.
“Well, congratulations.”
“Hey, why do you have such a heavy nasal sound when you speak?” He bent down and looked at me: “Why are you crying?” He was frightened to death: “Xiao Sheng, why are you crying?”
“Don’t shout, don’t shout.” I stood on tiptoe and covered his mouth: “Could you please stop shouting.”
“Why are you crying? Has anyone bullied you?”
“No.” I was terribly scared just now, and of course there was a nasal sound after crying for a long time.
He suddenly stretched out his hand and touched my face: “Look, the tears are still dry. You cried and swelled your eyes. There must be someone bullying you. In our house, see if I can find out and break his leg. ?”
I looked at him and he understood in seconds.
“Is it the third brother?”
I pointed to the room behind Xi Qingchuan: “Go in and break his leg.”
He scratched his scalp: “Did you hear the phone ring?”
“I seem to want to go to the bathroom, let’s talk back.” He actually urinated, and he was shocked when he heard Xi Qingchuan’s name.
I went back to the room, changed my clothes, washed my face, and went to Xi Qingchuan’s room. He was already sitting up.
“Why are you sitting up?” I hurried to help him, and he pushed my hand away: “I don’t have high paraplegia again.”
“But the doctor said you have to wait for the medicine to dry, and you have to move a little bit smaller these days.”
“Pack some clothes.” He told me.
“What are you doing?”
“I have a villa.”
“What do you mean?”
“We will stay here for a few days,” he suddenly grinned grimly: “Or Xi Jinyuan will come and break my leg.”
“Have you heard what you just said?”
“You didn’t close my door tightly.”
“You’re not really afraid of Xi Jinyuan coming over and breaking your legs?” Probably not, Xi Jinyuan is very afraid of Xi Qingchuan, the kind that he respects and loves.
“The family talks a lot. Sooner or later someone will see me injured, so I will stay in my villa for a few days.”
“How to tell them?”
“No need to confess.” He looked at me impatiently: “Don’t you go?”
I hurried back to the room to pack some clothes, and then went to pack Xi Qingchuan’s clothes. He couldn’t bend over, his body was straight like a mahjong tile.
We ran away from home in the middle of the night. Xi Qingchuan couldn’t drive but I could only drive. Before I drove, I told him: “My driver’s license is revoked and there is no time to go to school. If there is a traffic police, I will die.”
“I won’t be shot.” He said so easily, but I was not he who was caught.
But he refused to call the driver. He really didn’t know what he was awkward. He just fell from the tree.
I was reluctant to drive. He was sitting in the co-pilot and wearing sunglasses at night. I wonder if he can still see it like this.
I have never been driving fast, and I seek stability rather than fast.
Xi Qingchuan thinks I am driving slowly: “Can’t you drive faster?”
“Why are you driving so fast? We are not running away, and no one is chasing us behind.”
After driving a street, I suddenly saw a traffic policeman standing at the intersection, his legs trembling suddenly.
“Traffic police, traffic police.” I was about to cry.
“You have committed a crime, so guilty?”
“I don’t have a driver’s license, I didn’t tell you just now.” I slowed down and dared not drive over.
“The slower you are, the more the traffic police will pay attention to you, keep speed and drive!”
“I dare not.” Not only my legs trembled, but my hands trembled.
“Don’t be calm, we both have to spend the night in the traffic police team tonight.” Xi Qingchuan turned his head and threatened me: “Is the traffic police so terrible? Are you killing someone?

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