Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 164

“Is there a fourth option?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re not alone, afraid to sleep in a strange place, do you?” I think it’s very possible.
He sneered over Skyrim: “What do you mean?”
“Well, I choose the third one, sleeping on the sofa.”
I would definitely choose to sleep on the sofa, who would choose to lay on the floor or sleep with him?
I went to the sofa to check and found that the sofas in his room were all single sofas, not long ones.
I went back and asked him: “How do I sleep?”
“Then there are only two choices.” He pointed to his bedside: “You can only make a floor bunk here.”
Okay, just hit the floor if you hit the floor. Anyway, it’s summer, and the floor of his room is very good, so you don’t have to worry about getting damp upstairs.
I went to find two quilts, one on the ground and one on my body.
About to lie down, he looked at me with his elbow on his cheek: “Don’t you take a bath?”
Oh, I was so stunned by him that I forgot to take a bath.
I went to the bathroom to take a shower. Just when I went in and was about to lock the door, I found that I didn’t bring out my pajamas. When I came out of Xi’s house, I only brought my usual change of clothes, not my pajamas.
I opened Xi Qingchuan’s cabinet just now. He has a lot of short pajamas. The ice silk looks very cool.
I ran out to discuss with him: “Xi Qingchuan, I don’t have pajamas, can I wear your pajamas? I will wash them and return them to you.”
“Let’s wear it.” He was rather generous: “But I don’t think we are the same size.”
Of course, he is so tall.
I picked a light blue one. It seems that I don’t need to wear pants anymore. The length of the jacket is enough for me to wear as a skirt.
I took my pajamas and went in and locked the door inside with a very small heart.
Suddenly, I heard Xi Qingchuan’s voice on the ceiling of the bathroom.
“I’m not so interested in your body.”
I quickly looked up and saw a loudspeaker in the corner of the ceiling: “You wouldn’t have installed a camera here.”
Why don’t I believe it? I climbed up and down and watched it inside and out. Although I couldn’t find it, I still had lingering fears and wanted to take a shower in clothes.
I got in the shower room until it was misty, so I couldn’t see it even if I had a camera.
When I came out to put on clothes, I was more panicked. I couldn’t wear it in the shower room. I came out wrapped in a big towel and tucked my clothes into the towel to change.
I panicked, there was water on the ground, and I stepped on it and fell on my back.
I fell very hard. Although the back of my head was on the ground, my entire back fell heavily to the ground. I felt that I heard the sound of my shoulder blades hitting the ground. I seemed to be breaking.
“Ah.” I screamed, very miserable.
The bathroom door was pushed open, and Xi Qingchuan ran over from outside: “Xiao Sheng, what’s the matter with you?”
His face appeared above my face in the air, my back hurts and there is no way to tell if the expression on his face is anxious.
“I fell.” As soon as I spoke, my back twitched and couldn’t speak loudly.
“You fell to your head?” He squatted down and stretched out his hand, just touched my face lightly, as if he was afraid that I might corrupt him if I touch the porcelain.
“That’s good.” He said with a sigh of relief: “You are stupid. If you fall your head, it will be troublesome.”
At this time, he is still mocking me, he still has humanity?
I didn’t dare to breathe in pain, he frowned: “Where did you fall?”
“Back, it hurts.”
He reached out and poked my ribs gently: “Does it hurt?”
“I fell on my back.”
“The ribs are broken.” He made a precise judgment.
I heard these words very well, as if I said the same when Xi Qingchuan fell tonight.
I didn’t do Xi Qingchuan’s fall, so I won’t get retribution so quickly!
Xi Qingchuan bent over and picked me up, and I screamed in pain as soon as his hand touched my back.
In fact, I can bear the pain, but the fall this time is really painful.
He wanted to lift my towel, and I yelled, “Xi Qingchuan, don’t be a gangster.”
“Let me see how you fell.” He let me lie on his shoulders, and then he lifted the towel on my back. I can’t see it myself and don’t know what I fell into.
He put me on the bed, and I lay on it, the pain was not reduced at all, and the pain was half dead.
He squatted by the bed and stared at me: “Did you step on soap?”
“No, it’s water.”
“Will you fall like this when you step on water? Why are you wrapped in a towel?”
“I’m not afraid of you peeking.” I burst into tears in pain.
The corners of his lips were smiling, and I don’t think he was very happy.
“If you want to see women, you can make a lot of calls with a single phone call. I can also watch the adult channel, and I can watch the beauties of all skin colors from all over the world.”
“You have a lot of choices, and you can also see handsome guys of all skin tones all over the world.”
He sneered: “I know how to answer back, which means I didn’t fall too hard.”
I can’t even move. Isn’t it great?
“Do you need to go to the hospital?”
“I can’t move.”
He frowned and stared at me for a while, then handed me his pajamas: “Put your clothes on.”
“I can’t move.” He thought I would like to lie here like a big toad?
I laughed at him like that just now.
“I will help you wear it.”
“You leave me alone.” I almost cried: “Can I just let me fend for myself like this?”
“I’m looking for a doctor to see you, do you think it looks good for you to lie down here like this?”
“I don’t need to see a doctor.”
“In case you throw your spine or lumbar spine into a misalignment, even if it is not as severe as paralyzed, your spine will be tilted, and your whole person will be like a crooked neck tree.”
I looked at him like a fool, imagining me becoming a crooked neck tree.
I had to ask Xi Qingchuan to help me dress. I couldn’t move but lay on him. He helped me dress. Fortunately, he was very upright during the whole process and kept his eyes straight.
After getting dressed, he went to call, and I continued to lie on the bed.
The pain continued to come from his back, and it didn’t get any better due to the passage of time.
After the call, he came over and sat beside me mocking me: “This is the end of your villain’s heart.”
“If I were you, I wouldn’t be so happy.” I shouted hoarse.
“How to say?”
“You are also injured. Don’t forget. You are the only two humans here. Now I have fallen. Don’t expect me to take care of you. How do you think your idiot robot can serve you?”
“Why your stepmother and Xiao Lingling often bully you, and they don’t see you hold such a grudge, but now they are getting along with my robot so deeply.”
He doesn’t care, I just don’t agree with that stupid character.
No, it’s an idiot robot with no horoscopes.

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