Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 165

The doctor came soon, and he was the one who saw Xi Qingchuan at night.
It can be seen that he changed places and individuals for us, but he was a little surprised that the injury was exactly the same as the injured part.
“You also fell from the tree?”
“Toilet.” I said concisely.
“Also on your back?”
I was lying there, and the doctor started to lift my clothes, probably because Xi Qingchuan held it down: “Is it a little inconvenient?”
“Three young masters,” the doctor laughed nonchalantly: “If you don’t show me her wounds, how do I know how she hurts?”
“I will describe it to you. The scapula is red and swollen and not broken, there are two bruises in the center of the back, and the lumbar spine is injured.”
“I don’t know how to diagnose?”
“You just need to touch the bones.”
“San Shao.” The doctor was helpless: “I really don’t know how to be a blind doctor.”
“That means your medical skills need to be improved.” Xi Qingchuan snorted coldly.
My painful cold sweat is about to shed, and he is still talking to the doctor about some of these things. I’m sure he did it on purpose and made me feel like this.
“Xi Qingchuan, do you understand? Don’t delay the doctor to see me.” I have to shout when I speak, or I can’t say it.
No one has ever dared to be aggressive with Xi Qingchuan, if it weren’t for my madness, I wouldn’t dare.
If you follow Xi Qingchuan’s past temperament, he will definitely pull me out of the bed, rotate it 360 degrees and throw me out of the window.
However, there was no such thing this time, probably because I was injured and if I were taken away, there would be no one to play with him.
He sat down in a chair on one side and finally stopped speaking, and the doctor lifted my clothes to examine my back.
“The fall was pretty serious, let me see if there is something wrong with your bones.”
“Wear latex gloves.” Xi Qingchuan said coldly from the side.
“Wearing latex gloves will feel worse.”
“Did you check the bones or come to feel the hand?”
The doctor compromised. The doctor put on cold latex gloves to examine my spine and lumbar spine. The rubber feel is really not as comfortable as the skin.
Xi Qingchuan is really enough. I will act at this time. I will show to the doctor that he cares more about how possessive he is.
Image public relations have reached such a detailed level, I think his image will be restored soon.
“Does it hurt?” The doctor asked me carefully when he pinched it.
“No pain.”
“What about here?”
“It doesn’t hurt.”
“What about here?”
“It hurts.”
The doctor checked the closing statement: “There may be a slight bone fracture in the scapula. It is better to go to the hospital to take a film for diagnosis.”
Xi Qingchuan quickly got up from the chair and threw a car key to the doctor: “You drive and let’s go.”
I couldn’t see the doctor’s face when I was lying on my stomach, but I must have looked quite surprised at the moment.
“Three young masters, you know that I don’t accompany the doctor. You will receive treatment and medicine in the hospital directly after the examination.”
“I don’t want you to accompany the doctor, you are just a driver.” Xi Qingchuan walked to the bed and stared at me: “You have no way to go, right?”
He frowned slightly: “You are heavy.”
How heavy I am, but more than ninety catties, besides my height here, I have lost weight to a bone.
I was so painful that I couldn’t answer, he bent over and picked me up.
The moment he hugged me, I saw the blue veins bursting out of his forehead, and he gritted his teeth and walked towards the door.
The doctor shouted behind us: “Sanshao, you have a wound on your back. This will open the wound on your back. One of the wounds is very big. If you don’t let the stitches, I won’t have a seam.”
Xi Qingchuan turned a deaf ear and hugged me downstairs.
Silly was pacing in the corridor alone, and after seeing us, she stood at the top of the stairs and stared at us.
It is estimated that there is no data of a man holding a woman in its database, so it is stupid.
A robot is a robot.
Sweat came out of Xi Qingchuan’s forehead, and he was able to fight for the image of public relations.
“Xi Qingchuan.” I called him.
“Huh?” He squinted at me.
“Are you in pain?”
“To shut up.”
“You let me down, I will try to walk.”
“Shut up!” He was fierce and irritable. Forget it, he would just hold it if he wanted to.
He put me in the back seat of the car and let me lie on my stomach, and then he took the co-pilot.
We both became like this, and there was no way to drive, so we had to hire a doctor to be a strong man.
The doctor trembling after getting in the car: “I just got my car.”
Xi Qingchuan is even more fierce: “You only get a car book when you are too old?”
“I used to be my wife driving, I don’t need to take the car.”
“Where is your wife now?”
“Dead in a car accident.”
I could only see the back of Xi Qingchuan’s head while lying on my stomach. He didn’t say anything to the doctor, but from the back of his head, he was speechless.
I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan is very stressed when sitting in the co-pilot doctor. He crawls like a tortoise driving along the way, and is still crooked. Basically all the green lights can’t pass, and he has to wait several times.
I am glad that I just fell to the back. If I fell to other fatal parts, I would probably die on the road.
“Old Xu.” Xi Qingchuan finally couldn’t bear it anymore: “What was it that passed by our car just now?”
Dr. Xu drove intently. I saw his face in the back mirror, and the veins burst out: “What?”
“Electric car, a little eDonkey, Dr. Xu.” Xi Qingchuan said in a rather tolerant voice: “My Maybach was overtaken by a little eDonkey.”
“I can’t drive fast, and the hospital is not far away. The third grandmother didn’t get a sudden illness. Slowly, she won’t die.”
“You obstructed traffic.”
“There are no cars on the road in the middle of the night, but it’s actually pretty good.” Dr. Xu suddenly became happy: “I’m worrying about time to practice driving. I just can practice for a while now.”
I think Xi Qingchuan’s anger has reached the breaking point, and if Dr. Xu continues to speak, he will turn his face.
However, it is possible that Dr. Xu and Xi Qingchuan are very familiar with each other, so they can feel each other’s tempers thoroughly.
I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Forget it, go slow. Doctor Xu is right. I don’t have any sudden illness.
“If you continue driving like this, her bone fracture will have grown.” Xi Qingchuan sneered.
“That won’t be so slow. After this intersection, the hospital is right there, ah, ah, there is someone in front, there is someone…” Doctor Xu screamed and slammed on the brakes, and I lay in the back seat. There was no way to fasten the seat belt, so the impact made me roll off the back seat, and I rolled over and fell into the car with my face up.
Xi Qingchuan immediately looked back at me. I was dizzy and dizzy when I was thrown. The expression on Qin Chuan’s face exploded and looked ugly.
He got out of the car and got me up. I was stuck between the front and back seats. It took him a long time to get me out like a carrot.
“Xu Hua.” Xi Qingchuan said word by word: “That pedestrian is at least 30 meters away from us. Does it need to brake suddenly?”

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